September 14, 2018

Ever Striving for Greatness

Lately, I have been reflecting on my writings and came to the realization that instead of expressing the greatness that dwells within me, I have been focusing my energies on judging others/expressing egotistic views.  Well.  That is no longer the platform on which I wish to reside. So.

I am choosing better.

Not just for myself.

I am choosing to be a better version of what I know myself to be capable of being.

I am choosing, in this moment, to fully express those things that inspire me to higher greatness.

Why the change of heart? Simple.  I have not been writing from the heart.  I have allowed my mind —my lower vibrating thoughts— to take over.

This has left me feeling empty.

An all-too-familiar state of being.

What helped me shift…

I have been reading books that I once deemed unworthy of my attention and found that there was indeed resonance.

Go figure.

Wanna know who the author is?

Hang on to your britches.

It is

None other than Aleister Crowley.

Yeah.  That happened!

And before you start losing your shit, no, I am not on the path to Thelema or converting. I just like the principles that were expressed through him as I feel they are a great way for one to show up in this realm.

May you “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” and choose to be the embodiment of your TRUE essence now!

Eleven Principles of Thelema

I know that exploring and expressing myself is my right and my purpose.

I know that every single other being also has the same right and purpose to explore and express their natures.

I accept all people —no matter what they look like or believe— and I accept all moments no matter if they are good or bad.

I am always growing, always searching and striving ever more in all things.

I look at the difficult things in life as my teachers that help me grow, and I embrace them.

I never forget that being alive and being aware is a mysterious blessing that always deserves gratitude and joy.

I enjoy the beauty in everyone and everything else, and I help to bring more beauty to the world.

I seek truth. I think for myself.  I am honest with myself and others, and I question myself and others.

I explore and develop my creativity in all aspects of life, and I help others to do the same.

I am connected with everything in the universe, so I live in harmony with other people, animals, plants, and all other things on the earth and in the whole cosmos.

I laugh. I enjoy all parts of the world, and I do not take myself too seriously.

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