March 25, 2009

Everyone Needs A Hero!

There was a time in my life when I felt that I didn’t need anyone!

I was raised to “think for myself” and “do for myself” which at the time seemed a bit harsh.  I mean was I really to go through life not accepting or even desiring the help of others?

Well, it has taken me a huge chunk of this life to realize that ‘that way’ of thinking isn’t always the healthiest way of thinking.

I am stubborn, almost unrelenting in my stance, and this bad programing has, at times, caused me more harm than good.

“To agree to disagree” is something I haven’t quite gotten the hang of… but I am working on it.

When a person lives their life always “fending for themself” that attitude has a way of hardening them.  Making them out to be almost cold… unfeeling… uncaring.

People who meet me and who know me very well would say, “Adonya is the funniest, most outgoing person I know, but piss her off or betray her…”

Yeah, I still have some work to do.

Being a single parent for over 6 years and then meeting a man who actually wanted to not only be a part of my life but Nicholas’s too was a hard pill to swallow… at that time.

I mean if I allowed this man into our lives, I would have to relinquish some of my control.  Something “control freaks” like myself don’t like to do… at all.

The past 22 months have been ones of great learning for me.

I am learning to let go, but there is still work to be done.

I am learning to trust… but there is still much work to be done in this department.

My husband came into my life at a time when I really needed help with the reins, but admit that I needed help.  I had too much control, and instead of moving forward, my behavior was sending me backwards.

My anal retentive ways were creeping up again, and I had stopped enjoying life.

I have since learned that everyone needs a hero! Even me!

While hanging out on Twitter yesterday, my girl, @SunshineBoatright, sent a tweet about the most joyful news article.  After reading it, I was filled with gratitude for the heroes (my son, my husband, my loving friends) in my life.

After reading the following articles, it is my hope that you too will have a deeper appreciation for the heroes in your life.

Thai fireman in ‘spider-man’ rescue of autistic boy

AFP/File – A sufing “Spider-man”. A Thai fireman turned superhero when he dressed up as comic-book character …

BANGKOK (AFP) – A Thai fireman turned superhero when he dressed up as comic-book character Spider-Man to coax a frightened eight-year-old from a balcony, police said Tuesday.

Teachers at a special needs school in Bangkok alerted authorities on Monday when an autistic pupil, scared of attending his first day at school, sat out on the third-floor ledge and refused to come inside, a police sergeant told AFP.

Despite teachers’ efforts to beckon the boy inside, he refused to budge until his mother mentioned her son’s love of superheroes, prompting fireman Sonchai Yoosabai to take a novel approach to the problem.

The rescuer dashed back to his fire station and made a quick change into a Spider-Man costume before returning to the boy, he said.

“I told him Spider-Man is here to rescue you, no monsters are going to attack you and I told him to walk slowly towards me as running could be dangerous,” Somchai told local television.

The young boy immediately stood up and walked into his rescuer’s arms, police said.

Somchai said he keeps the Spider-Man costume and an outfit of Japanese television character Ultraman at the station in order to liven up school fire drills.

Here’s another story.

Spiderman rescues boy from Thailand window ledge: Fireman dons superhero outfit to save autistic lad

Spiderman rescues boy from Thailand window ledge Fireman dons superhero outfit to save autistic lad

Never fear, Thailand – Spiderman to the rescue! A young boy was saved from a third floor window ledge by a fireman dressed as the comic book superhero after the autistic lad refused to come down.

The eight-year-old ran out onto the ledge of his special school in Bangkok after he had a panic attack and neither his mother nor teachers could coax him back inside.

Even firemen couldn’t bring the boy to safety – until his mother remembered his passion for Spiderman.

Fireman Sonchai Yoosabai pulled on a Spiderman outfit which was kept by a school guard for alarm practices.

And even though he couldn’t actually spin a web, it still worked a treat!

The boy came back inside as soon as he saw his hero at the door of the classroom and threw himself laughing into his arms.

Who says superheroes don’t really exist?

Another incredible rescue

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