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October 12, 2016

Everything Just Is

To condemn one aspect of Divinity is to condemn all aspects, for one aspect simply cannot be better than the other.

Everything Is Divinity, and Divinity is Everything.

If you are a “Lightworker” who is afraid of the “dark side” of life, your “work” will never be done, for you are shunning the juiciness that can be found in the “dark”.

The same is true if you only play in the “dark”, and choose not to “see the Light”.

Life is so much more enjoyable when you allow yourself the freedom to play in Everything, and stop viewing Life as black/white, Light/dark, good/bad, yada f____ng yada.

I absolutely love, love, love my “darkness”… and my “Light”!

Basically, I love Everything about me!


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