February 11, 2017

Evolving with Moldavite

I do not always wear crystals. Now that you have picked yourself off the floor from that revelation allow me to explain why.

Although, crystals can be found all over my home, I choose to not rely on them as a means to be a greater expression of myself. However, there are times, like yesterday, when a crystal will come calling, and it is in those moments when I know that something is seeking to be expressed through the energies of said crystal.

Moldavite is one of my favorite crystals.  So much so that this is the second time I am writing an entire blog about it.

Anyhoo, once I have integrated its frequency, it can be rather comforting and not overwhelming as has been the experience of others who’ve played with it.

Moldavite is a crystal that many refer to as the “Stone of Transformation”, and the last time it called, a shitstorm (at least that is how my personality self, Adonya, viewed it) raged throughout my life removing people and situations that had outstayed their welcome.

Nowadays, I choose this shitstorm, for I know that once the storm has passed… I will find myself in a higher state… and that much closer to being fully realized.

Moldavite usually calls whenever Adonya has become comfortable with the way things are.

It calls whenever my growth has become stagnate… or I have become resistant to the change I must undergo.

For example, earlier today, I spoke the affirmation that Robert Simmons, co-author of The Book of Stones, wrote for Moldavite.

I open myself to transformation, and I invoke the manifestation of my highest destiny.

It was interesting to feel in my physical body the response to those words.

The first half was welcomed with open arms. Yet, when I spoke the second half, I could hear the personality self having a bitch fit.

“Ah… hell no! What do you mean highest destiny? What happens to ME when all of this manifestation comes to pass?  Do I not matter? Am I not good enough?

So. much. resistance.

My subconscious mind, who has a Russian accent, (I find it fascinating. Try not to judge me too much.) jumped on board. It pulled the car over, laughed a hearty laugh, said “BULLSHIT!” then took that second statement and tossed it in the trash with the rest of the statements it has perceived as lies.

So, I repeated the statement.

More resistance.

I repeated it again.

More resistance.

I repeated the first half… then posed the second half as a question.

Stunned. Silence.

The personality self and subconscious mind were left speechless.

Why?  Every question that has been, is being, or will ever be asked… has an answer, even if it is “I don’t know.”, a nod, or silence. The caveat being that the subconscious mind thrives on questions, therefore, the one I posed will receive an answer by way of the manifestation of my highest destiny. #YAY

The resistance in my body is gone.   What I am now experiencing is a beautiful openness for this answer to be received.

SIDEBAR: Globally, we are in a 1 Year (2+0+1+7=1). This is also a my Personal Year Cycle, which means the effect of 1 will be double in my life.  Add the power of my birth day, 8, and the game gets even more exciting.  1 is the beginning, and the effects of whatever is done or not done in a 1 Year will be felt for the next 9-18 years. That’s a long time if one remains stagnate. That’s potentially 18 more years of shit not getting done, and life staying the same.

No growth.

Only playing inside the lines.


Before entering 2017, I knew something big was going to go down in my life this year; something juicy and amazing. So, with all this Moldavite on my body, I am affirming that I Am ready for it to come forward!

Laissez les bon temps rouler.

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