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January 30, 2022

Experiencing Light

Back in September 2016, I wrote about an experience when I had glimpsed another dimension. What follows is a recent experience, written as I witness it.  Meaning, my prose may not be eloquent.

Oracle cards that I received two days prior:

(Hours after I had been attuned for Violet Flame Reiki. Also, this deck had been well shuffled.)

Wisdom 10 Fire of Transformation: Radical purification, violet flame, surrendering, resurrection

Wisdom 8 Elders: Spiritual mentorship, equality, stability, wisdom, experience, councils

29 Jan 2022

The Visions

**I was simultaneously listening to this Whale Song video and this Whale & Orca Light Language video.

1st Vision:

I saw what looked like 3 gold candles standing before me. When I slowly blinked, I realized that they were beings with a light (almost shaped like a flame) above their heads.  I expanded my view and noticed that I was completely surrounded by a bunch more standing closely together.  I knew that they were all looking at me.
The space reminded me of stadium/amphitheater seating; in tiers as they stood around me. It was a wee dark (borderline twilight in the evening), so I couldn’t get too clear a picture as to how they looked.  (If you can envision the space to a planetarium sans the bright lights, fake projections and being an indoor experience., you’ll have the gist of how this appeared.)

2nd Vision:

I found myself on a starship; possibly inside the command center?  I could see controls and large windows (much like what you would see from the bridge of a ship).
There were two beings standing close to me.  One was slightly in front (diagonally) and the other, behind me (diagonally to the left.  I knew that the one in the back was looking at me, and the one in the front was speaking to me about what we were seeing out the windows.
(My rendition of what I saw.  My stick figures could win awards)

Oracle cards I received after the visions:

(A few hours later. Also, this deck had been heavily shuffled.)

Cosmic Insight 5: Rising to Pleiadian Frequencies: Sacred bond, healing clears space for higher energies

Cosmic Inight 6: Sirian Emissaries: Dream for a New Earth, time now for a magical life

I will continue to openly share these experiences as they arise.

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