August 9, 2015

Are You A Fat Lightworker?

I know. The title probably felt like a punch in the gut. I also know that it got your attention. Also know that it is not my intention to make you feel bad in any way.

When it comes to weight, I’ve been there… and done that A LOT. I’m also all too familiar with how extra pounds affect the way we feel about ourselves… and others.

Throughout my beautiful 17,381 days in this incarnation, I have lost count of the number of times I’ve gained and lost weight. My biggest gain was 59 pounds… and I didn’t have a pregnancy as my excuse!

Being Living Light in a dense world can be really challenging!  I mean, really challenging! And food isn’t always the reason for the gains.

Whenever we hold on to pain (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), we cause our bodies to balloon just as much as if we were stuffing our faces with food.

Sucks, right?

According to the beautiful Beacon, Kate , “your weight gain is not a result of the wrong food.  It’s a result of wrong thinking and consciousness, wrong behavior, emotional pain and low self-worth.”

WE are what WE think!


Well, there is a simple “diet” that will melt these extra pounds fast, and it doesn’t require killing ourselves in the gym!

It’s time to be more consciously aware of the energies we are picking up from other sources (e.g. our computers, cellphones, tablets, friends, family… etc), and in just a few minutes a day, we can easily release this “excess weight”, which will manifest in pounds lost.


Try speaking the following affirmations a few times a day.

  • I am open to the wisdom of the Universe as it guides me in everything I do.
  • I am at Peace, knowing my life is being guided by a divine Presence within me.
  • I am centered and calm, knowing there is a Presence within me, always guiding me to right action.
  • I know that I have the Power within me to change anything in my life that I choose to change.
  • I let go of all resistance and surrender to the Power Within.
  • I am fully Present in everything I do.
  • I am at One with my life’s Purpose.
  • I am unconditioned, formless, and eternal consciousness.
  • I surrender to the creative power of the universe as it flows through me and into this world.
  • I embrace Silence as the source of all deep understanding and wisdom.
  • I am still, alert, and open to what is.  This Awareness guides me in everything I do.
  • I embrace the personal and spiritual growth that is necessary for the evolution of consciousness.
  • My thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are in total harmony with divine consciousness.
  • I believe I have the inner power to change the conditions of pain and suffering in our world.
  • I am fully open to and embrace the lessons of the Present moment.
  • I am always open to inspiration and guidance coming from the Silence within.
  • I am always aware of my inner body, keeping me fully anchored in the Present Moment.
  • I am living my life in harmony with Source, allowing divine intentions to work through me and into the material world.
  • I am committed to living deeply to the transformation of my consciousness.
  • I am living my life according to my highest vision that is inspired by love and joy.

[Post published at 11:13am Pacific during the hour of  Saturn. Angel number meaning for 1113“The ascended masters, especially the goddesses, are helping to keep your thoughts positive and loving.  Call upon them without delay if you have any negative thoughts or feelings, or are involved in any unpleasant situations.”]

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