December 14, 2008

Felt Like the First Day of School!

I walked into class, not knowing anyone. Y’know?  The new kid in school.

I laid my books on the desk… and waited for someone to say, “Hi.”   “Welcome.”  “It’s nice to meet you.”

And someone did!

It was my first book signing.  And I was beyond excited.

Word on the street is if you sell one book, the signing was a success.  After all, books are only sold one at a time.

I did better than one, but the quantity of books sold really wasn’t important in the end.  I had a really good time meeting other parents, grandparents, aunts, and supporters of our community.

When you’re passionate about something, talking about it is second-nature.

I also had a good time talking about the benefactor of a portion of my proceeds, Tulsa Autism Foundation.  It is unfortunate that not everyone in Tulsa (within the autism community) has heard of them.  It saddens me to hear that people are still out there struggling to find information when there is a wealth of it at our disposal…right here in town.

I am thankful I was able to help folks out by telling them how valuable the foundation is.

Below are just a few pics from yesterday’s signing.  Hub was in charge of the photo shoot.  ‘Nuff said!  {teehee}

I am definitely looking forward to future signings, meeting more people, spreading the word about the foundation, and informing and educating people about autism.

I’m having more fun than I anticipated.  WOOT!

Life is good!

(P.S. Just click the pic to enlarge it.  I was actually setting up when my first “customers” arrived!  Hence, the bare table!)

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