October 14, 2012

“Find Your Own Calcutta.”

This is the response Mother Teresa once gave when someone asked her what they could do to help.

As a species, we are living in a state of being that is centered around “me”, or “I”, and we have steadily morphed into a consciousness that has become extremely self-serving. But times are pressing us to expand our way of doing things, and the pressure is at its boiling point.

We are no longer receiving a gentle nudging from the Universe to change. Paradigms are shifting at a rapid pace, and many are scrambling to keep up. The old way… can no longer be sustained if we are to shift to the next stage of our evolution.

So, what does “find your own Calcutta” mean?

We are being awakening to a greater understanding that we have always thrived as a society… when we had established ourselves as one community. One person helping their fellow man without expectation of reward, or recognition.

We are all on this journey together.

As a species, we would have never made it this far if we had not come together and worked as a whole unit versus moving through life as single drops not concerned about the rest of the ocean.

Through the years, the population of the single drops has grown and more and more people are living in separateness; tending to their own needs, often superficial ones that don’t offer any measure of fulfillment. Their anger may be focused on their inability to have sufficient access to their favorite concert, or displaying pictures, online, of their latest car project… while over 1.5 million children, in this country, have to concern themselves with how they will obtain adequate food and shelter for the day.

Calcutta is all around us… if we would open our eyes and see.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world.”  

Anne Frank

But I’m too busy to help. I have my own problems!

Don’t we all, but studies have shown that people who volunteer are often healthier and more satisfied with their lives. Why? Because whatever “problems” they have, they put them aside to help someone in greater need. Plus, if you’re looking to possibly add a few years to your life… making someone else happy may be one way to do it.

Have we become so engrossed with the “me” that we have become blind to the “we”?

What we focus on, we continue to attract… that is law. When we lay aside those things that cause us angst and focus our attention on something with greater purpose, those things that cause angst… simply can no longer maintain the vice grip on our thoughts/energy.

Tending to our own Calcutta can swiftly move us past our pain, our troubles, and return us to a state of true togetherness…. return us to Eden!

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness,
to pull another hand into the light
Norman B. Rice

I get it! So, where can I help?

Start at home! Start with your child on the Spectrum. Look into his eyes and see this world differently. Feel this world through heightened awareness. This is how a person on the Spectrum interacts with everything of this world. When we accept and unconditionally love our home life only then can we truly accept and love the rest of the world. Be not just an advocate for Autism… be an advocate for HUMANITY!

(Visit Volunteer Match to find opportunities where you can be of greater service within your community.)

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