December 1, 2008

Finding Helpful Autism Resources Just Got Easier!

Twitter has been an awesome resource for me.  I’ve been introduced to companies and websites I would have otherwise not have known about.

Everyday, it’s someone new.

Today, I received several new and pretty cool “follower” notifications, but one of them really caught my eye.

@fgustafson is the co-founder of Autism Hangout which is part of Community Hangouts whose “business is to transform individuals in need into communities of care.”

This transformation is accomplished through the following:

“Learn… Share… Thrive!”

1. The presentation of relevant, timely community news and ongoing reports helps individuals in need “learn” of solutions to their issues.

2. Each hangout offers technological tools that enable ”sharing” discussions (i.e. forums, product/service review sections) and encourage personal interaction (i.e. a member can create their own home page with a listing of interests, blogs, video postings and more).

3. Similar technological tools are also in place inviting advertisers to interact first-hand with community members to either promote and enhance current product offerings or assist them in the development of new products (i.e they can build and maintain their own home page with blogs, video postings, survey tools and more).

The Gestalt effect of “Learning and Sharing” with other community members and participating advertisers will ultimately lead to a community member’s “Thriving.”

Autism Hangout offers a wide range of information.

You’ll find headlines of what’s happening around the autism community, podcasts from key speakers like Dr. Stephen Short, as well as special reports from folks who wanted to report news of what mattered most to them.

Another excellent resource I found, thanks to Autism Hangout, was Autism Shop!  Based on the “departments”, you’re bound to be pretty busy browsing around.

Be sure to add both sites to your web rolodex™!

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