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September 2, 2018

Fulfilling A Money Wish

I started writing about Switchwords in 2012.  I was so impressed that I published a little book about them.  Anyhoo. What a journey it has been.

At that time, I wondered, “How could affirming a single word create a shift in my reality?” Well, it did because shift happened even when I was not consciously using a Switchword or Switchphrase.  It often happened whenever I was lost in thought, or stuck on stupid, focusing on what I did not want more of in my life.

That is how shift works.  Attracting to you, often like a shit-storm, wherever you place your focus.

Well, it is time for me to strengthen a power I am proud to possess, and that is wish fulfillment!

Whenever I wish for something that serves others as well as myself, it manifests very quickly.  It is only in the times when I am being selfish that the wish fizzles and never comes to pass.

Given the current state of this earthly realm, I now feel the need to send another wish out for the benefit of all of us.  Yes.  Even the warmongering asses!

So, let’s go.

It is my fervent wish that all life everywhere wants for nothing because
all wants are fulfilled in the exact moment they are wanted.

The Switchphrase to fulfill this wish is TESLA-HOLE-DIVINE-COUNT.

TESLA – helps you gather energy for the money you wish to bring into your life
HOLE – helps you be attractive/magnetic to the money you wish to bring into your life
DIVINE – helps you to experience miracles of your money wish already fulfilled in your life
COUNT – shows you the money!

Add your energy to Gaia’s energy field and see everyone prosperous and abundant and their wishes already fulfilled!

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