January 1, 2016

Getting Over Doing Absolutely Nothing

I have often felt incredibly guilty whenever I have spent a day (or two or three or…) doing absolutely nothing.

On these days, when I am listening to my Soul… I feel my ego resisting.  Then like clockwork, the feelings of guilt and shame arise.

My ego loves to stay in survival mode and gets wicked antsy whenever I consciously choose to deactivate and unplug from all its drama.

And the moment I unplug, my ego screams, “Red alert! Danger, danger!  Inactivity detected!” {panic panic panic [insert visual of a cartoon character screaming about with its hair on fire]}

In a world that is constantly in motion (always doing)… anything not moving to the same erratic pace is looked upon as being “abnormal”.

But what is so abnormal about following the Soul’s calling?

Nothing! Not one damned thing!

Why? There is vast treasure to be had in the Nothingness.

One of the gifts I have plucked out of it is the gift of getting to know myself.  By doing nothing, I have come to fully understand how I tick.  More importantly, I have come to fully know what I really want in life.

It has been most entertaining observing all of my thoughts while doing nothing.

In this space, I see all the shit that goes down in my mind (when I am not paying attention), and much like a small child who has been caught, my ego (wild thoughts)  slow down.


Whenever I am doing nothing, the rhythm of my thoughts become calm; borderline non-existent, and everything has deeper meaning.

In these moments… doing something is not better than doing nothing.

Nothing brings greater awareness of the world around me.

Nothing then becomes my everything!

Today, I choose to embrace the gift that is doing nothing, and to release any and all guilt about it.

Maybe I will read a book… or just go back to bed and stare at the beautiful crystal prism dangling from my ceiling… or listen to some tunes on my iPod… or?

Today, I give myself permission to do nothing.

Today, I will live on my own terms!

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