December 31, 2011

Gold Sheen Obsidian: Shine Like The Sun

Do you believe that healing from abuse is possible? Do you believe you can create a better world for yourself and others?

I do.

Pimpin’ Gemstones™

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It has been said that Gold Sheen Obsidian can bring to the owner healing for abuse of power; it activates the higher will, and enhances manifestation.  Simply holding it, enlivens the cells, and brings one a sense of “I can do this!”

As you meditate upon this high frequency energy infused image, pay close attention to what you are feeling.

Does the image bring up questions such as, “Who am I to have my dreams come true?”, or “Am I really powerful enough for this to manifest?”  

Allow your Higher Self to bring the energy of this stone into every fiber of your being.

Allow yourself to let what needs to come up do so.

As you release any feelings of powerlessness, you will move forward in such a way that you truly become the creator of your own reality.


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