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June 25, 2016

Dollars Want Me!

Poverty — is a mental condition. It can be cured only by the Affirmation of Power to cure: I am part of the One and, in the One, possess all. I possess all!

Affirm this and patiently wait for the manifestation. You have sown the thought-seed.  Now, like the rancher, wait for the sprouting and the harvest. It can never fail you when you trust.

Cure of Poverty

Repeat this Affirmation, no matter what the appearances. No matter if hungry, homeless and alone, always affirm:— “God is my Supply. My Supply is Infinite. Dollars want me!”

Trust implicitly in the inviolable Law of Cause and Effect. You are Cause; Supply is the Effect that must follow your Affirmation.

In the past, you have sown poverty-seeds and are now reaping the crop. You do not enjoy this harvest. Sow, amid these results of previous sowing, Plenty-seeds and Plenty will come. Supply is yours when you sow Supply-seeds. Sow, no matter how seemingly black the conditions. The seeds have God-in-them and cannot fail.

Affirmations for Use

“My supply is infinite, for God is my supply. Supply can never fail me!”  Make this your Affirmation and hold it. HOLD IT!

The Law of Supply is as sure is Sure as gravity.

In this Affirmation, “All is Mine! Dollars Want me!” you have re-polarized your aura. You have changed your vibrations and you will draw, as the magnet draws the needle, all you can use. Try it!

Never let go of your trust that Dollars, or that for which they stand, will come.

“All is mine; ’tis but by asking:
Ere I make my silent plea
Life unlocks her richest treasures
For my waiting eyes to see.”

You conquer fate by thought.
If you think the fatal thought of men and institutions,
you need never pull the trigger.
The consequences of thinking inevitably follow.

The Dollar Side

Personal ideals, of necessity, must differ, yet, since money represents objective power, its consideration must enter as a factor into every ideal of success. Money represents Supply. It stands in our thought, for food, clothing and shelter; for books, pictures and companionship; for enjoyment, unfoldment and expression.

Material Supply is a necessity of Life. The Dollar is the concrete representative of this necessity. But the Dollar also means opportunity for the realization of high ideals.

The individual must be free and, until the necessities of life are assured, he is not free.

Personal FREEDOM

The dollar stands for individual freedom.

Personal freedom finds its basis in pecuniary independence. Financial independence and personal freedom bear very largely the relation of cause and effect.

We can almost say that in the popular mind the Dollar confers freedom.

In Soul Culture, a mental attitude of superiority to the Dollar results in personal freedom. There is no freedom to he who feels himself limited by the want of the Dollar.

Debt is one of the most tyrannical of masters.

Mackay well says:

“The debtor is ever a shame-faced dog
With his creditor’s name on his collar.”

There can be no freedom to he who feels the slavery of debt.

Ideals of Success

Into your ideal of Success, therefore, there must be firmly budded this ideal of pecuniary independence.

This independence does not lie in freedom from debt, neither ‘does it lie in large bank accounts nor the possession of property. Monetary success and personal liberty do not go hand in hand. Indeed the average man of wealth is the veriest slave, enslaved to the necessities that his monetary possessions involve, and a worse slave to his fears.

What is Success

Success lies in the mental attitude that arises from that sense of personal power which meets every condition without anxiety.

That cannot be called success which results in ill health and unhappiness, unrest or fear. Eliminate these from your ideal and you have, as a necessary concomitant of success, financial ease.

The New Thought

In the old competitive thought men sought business and wanted the dollar. Under the New Thought, it is: “Seek first the kingdom of God and its right living and all things necessary to my happiness will be added to me.” The Soul has only to exercise its drawing power.

When the conscious mind lets itself be led or drawn, it will be drawn to what it desires. Desire is the magnet. Let it have its way.

Trust in your own Love of Truth and Love of Goodness and never question. That you desire it, is enough. That you desire it, is evidence that it already exists for you on the Soul-side.

Be passive to the desire and LET it manifest. This attitude is itself Success.

What to Think

Think positively: THINGS BELONG TO ME. I AM ALREADY THE POSSESSOR. THEY WILL COME TO ME AT NEED. Then LET them come. If they do not readily come, hold no anxious thought about them.

Having accepted Truth that ALL is mine and that ALL DESIRED CONDITIONS OR THINGS WILL MANIFEST— keep on working in an equable, confident frame of mind, and LET them come.

Anxiety, doubt, mistrust show that you have not claimed them as realities but have held them as dreams or possibilities. Until you hold them as realities, they cannot come.

The Right Mental Attitude

Change your attitude toward business. Do not seek it. SEE IT MENTALLY ALREADY YOURS and LET it come. Attend yourself to details as they come to the surface. Consider business a Principle that will run, as runs a mountain stream, when you remove your conscious will from it.

All your concern is to be ready to use this business stream as the ranchman uses the water as it conies to his ditch.

There is but one Power and that is the Universal Infinite Power.

Business is Power

Business is a manifestation of the One Power.

LET power come then direct it. The wisdom for the day conies with the day. LET it come by having faith in Self.

Work each moment as if what you desire were here and it IS here.

Place of Money

As to money, regard it also as merely the power that keeps business going. Welcome its coming and rejoice at its going. It never does its work until, like water in the stream, it has passed under the wheel.

The hoarded Dollar does not work and is of no real value to you. The Dollar you spend is the only one you really have, for by the experience of spending it, you gain a growth, an enlargement, that is yours forever.

You are Power

Money has only delegated Power. You direct its expression. Change your attitude toward money. It is not “the almighty dollar.” Almighty Power uses the dollar. Say to the dollar, “I do not need you. You need me. You are of no use until my brain and hand use you. You wish to be used. You come to me that you may be used. I do not need a dollar. Dollars need me.”

Assume this mental attitude and see what a change it makes for you.

When you have changed your aura, dollars will be drawn to you. You need not think of their coming, for they will come to you through the opportunities which this new mental attitude will reveal to you.

Think only of using them.

Mental Attitude towards Dollars

Change your attitude towards the dollars you have. Tell them they are of no use until they are expended.

As you see them lying about, say to them:— “Idle dollars, go to work. Go out and circulate. Each one of you go and pay a million in wages and debts. When I need you, come back again. You are useless and have no value until you go to work.”

Then LET them go to work, knowing that, when you send this thought with them, they or their fellows will come back to you to be set at work again.

Spending the Dollars

Before you spend a dollar, the question comes, “Is it right?”

Whether you have a single dollar, or whether behind the one you think of spending are a million, makes no difference. If it is right to spend the dollar in the proposed way, had you the million, it is right thus to spend this, the lone one. Therefore, when you feel it is right to spend a dollar for any purpose, spend it as royally as if you were a millionaire.

From the Inner Life, this message was given to me years ago: “Let a thought of use stand guard over your purse and then spend freely.” Amend this by affirming: “A thought of the righteousness of the spending stands guard over my dollars and I send them forth with blessing.”

Thoughts do the Work

These dollars, like every thought of good you send out, will return to bless. You do business with thoughts only; dollars are but materialized thoughts. Each dollar in any man’s hand represents his thought in material form. Send out at all times with your dollars the thoughts you wish to return to you, for what you sow in your dollars, you reap in dollars that either do, or do not, come back to you.

Put the thought of Success, Happiness and Health into every dollar that passes out and it will return so laden.


Born in Massachusetts in 1840. Henry Harrison Brown served as a U. S. Volunteer during Civil War from August 1862 until October 1865. He taught school; worked for newspapers; lectured in various fields for 17 years; and was 7 years a Unitarian minister.

Henry entered his former work of mental healing and teaching in 1893. Editor and publisher of NOW from January 1900 until his death in 1918. He gained by experience that which he taught in his books. He considered none of them of more immediate practical value than the little book, Dollars Want Me.  This post is an excerpt of that book.

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