May 16, 2013

Holy ARA KARA, Batman!

Looking to manifest faster than a shooting star?  Want to be a Law of Attraction Mega Star?

Well, the key to all that you desire being made manifest now may lie in 4 little sounds that wallop a massive power punch… AH-Rah KAH-Rah!

According to this article on,

…specifically references primordial sounds in the Universe for creation and manifestation

Ah is primordial energy
Ra is the energy of fire
Ka is the first principle of matter
Ra is the energy of fire

Creation and manifestation of where you have placed your attention. (Feel free to re-read that statement until it sticks.)

Now, you won’t find a whole lot of detail on this mantra in this post, but you will hear of my experience, which I feel will be of great service should you decide to get chant happy with ARA KARA.

I came across this chant today, and I decided to do a little over 100 reps. Well, I’ll be damned, AND a monkey’s uncle, because within 15 minutes the very thing that I did NOT want to happen… happened!  My reaction versus response was, “WTF?!?!?” THEN I found a post where someone had shared similar experiences, and that’s when the big AHA, or cosmic CRACKALAZAM. hit me upside my noggin!

What I realized is that, although, I had been chanting and focusing on my desire(s), I did NOT, however, sustain that frequency after the chanting was complete. DOH!

I’ll elaborate.

I finished chanting.

I was feeling right as rain when a lower thought came through. Because I was chillin’ in the unconscious zone, I thought it was a better idea to entertain IT versus what I had been previously focused upon. Since I opted to serve this lower vibrating thought some wine, cheese, crackers and the rest of the fixin’s, that lil beezie had no choice but to manifest faster than I could wipe my tuckus after an extremely short visit to the loo! I had literally only entertained it for a few minutes (3 tops), and here it was playing out in my PHYSICAL reality! I’m mean “Holy sandbags, Batman!”

I was literally left pickin’ my jaw off the floor!

Soooooooo…. what did I learn?

I learned that I need to ensure  I maintain resonance with what I DESIRE/DESERVE—not just consciously for a few lonely minutes, but consciously for several minutes/hours/days/etc. A no-brainer, I know!

I also know that my Spirit BFFs brought that creation forward, quicker than a street-walker doin’ a trick or two on a Saturday night, in order to show me that mindfulness matters!

So, if you’re feelin’ strong, my friend, chant away! Just remember to remain conscious of your desire when you’re done!

I’m not saying be OBSESSED with it, just make keeping your vibe high AF a higher priority.

Feel free to listen to the video below and start manifesting miracles in your life now!

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