November 4, 2015

Honoring The Past, Blessing The Present

I finally began to understand the journeys of those who came before me when I decided to pull my head out of my ass. I used to have a lot to say about everyone in my family, and everything they may have ever done.

I was always blaming this person or that person for what I felt I deserved, yet did not receive.

I simply did not care about them or their journeys because I only cared about me.

What I have come to know is I am nothing without ancestors.

Not nothing as in worthless.

Nothing as in I am the sum of my lineage, my bloodline.

Without our collective agreements, where would I truly be?

My ancestors paved the way, so that I may have the wonderful experiences that I have today. They paved the way to lessen my struggles… my pain. Had they not, I would be less than I am in this moment.

It is their journeys that have allowed mine to be more expressive, open, and FREE! I have also come to understand that when I give thanks to my past, this humble gesture increases the blessings that are mine for the taking… in the present.

Carolyn (17 September 1942 – 20 February 1992).
Thank you for your strength and courage that flows through my veins. And thank you for bringing me into this world.

Gertrude (2 December 1921 – 14 October 2008)
Although, we never met, I thank you for your unwavering love for me.  Thank you for your strength and ever-watchful protective eye.

Charlie Kate (10 March 1900 – 26 July 1923)
Thank you for calling to me as I was working on our ancestral Tree of Life.  You were gone too soon, and you are very-much missed.

Lula (November 1864 – 8 September 1953)
Thank you for your strength, for it blazes through my veins giving me the fuel I need whenever I face situations that test my very Will! I wish we could have met. I love you!

To the unnamed Queens and Kings that rage through my veins. I honor you now and always in all directions of “time”!

Ancestral Veneration

“My uplifted ancestors, guides, fierce protectors, and skilled healers, please stand with me.
Be with me in this moment, and guide me along this road with a cool head and a clear mind.
I am root of your root; soil of your soil, bone of your bone, and blood of your blood.
Not deaf to our sincere cries, nor blind to our honest placations
Keep the gifts of perfect health, wealth, and prosperity close, so we may honor and grow your legacy.
I have not forgotten my commitment to our lineage, and I vow to never forget.  Asé!” – The Afro Mystic



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