April 11, 2020

Ho’Oponopono for COVID-19?

Once I separated myself from the constant fear-mongering posts about COVID-19, I felt at peace.

My mind became clear, and my energy felt significantly less scattered.

It is for this reason that I wanted to give us as a people something else to consider.

What if COVID-19 is the Divine’s way of bringing humanity’s narcissism down several notches?

What if COVID-19 is humanity’s repressed subconscious making itself conscious?

What if COVID-19 is Gaia’s way of reminding us that we as spiritual beings having a physical experience need to love her as she loves us?

For too long, we have not shown Her ANY love.  Now, Gaia is fighting back, and nature always wins.

So, how about we, as a collective, engage in some much-needed Ho’Oponopono for us and for Her?

I invite you to listen to the meditative audio below as often as you need.

And be sure to keep the momentum going once COVID-19 has stopped being Gandalf’ed and has gone to meet its maker.

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