October 19, 2008

HOT Dang for Hotlanta!

Jenny McCarthy was smart when she chose the title to her latest release.

She knew the reaction she would receive from those of us walking this path.

She totally knew what she was doing.

When the world looks for the nurturing parent, they don’t look towards the father (even though there are some amazingly nurturing ones out there). They look at us.

After all, the saying isn’t, “Don’t Mess with FATHER Nature!”

As a mother of a child on the spectrum, I do feel as if I am always on guard.  I do feel like I’m always dressed for battle.

After all, my son cannot fend for himself.  At least, not right now.

It seems that whenever I “stumble” upon an article of a parent fighting for their child… it seems like, oftentimes, it is the mother who’s the one on the frontlines. (Dads, please don’t send hate mail.)

Our latest warrior is Tina Dula.

Tina’s a mom who knew she couldn’t leave her son in the hands of those who “just didn’t get it”.

We’re always fighting,” Dula said of families often plagued by financial strain. “Sometimes, within the shadow of the debate [about autism’s cause] are people who simply cannot afford to help their children.

So, what’d Tina do?

She founded her own organization.

Dula launched the organization to provide families with financial and emotional support. Every family dealing with autism has a different journey, she said, but all share many of the same struggles.

There is strength in numbers, and we are united… through autism.

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