October 28, 2015

[INSPIRATION] How May I Serve?

How often do we think, “What will I accomplish today?” or “What will the day bring for me?”,  nothing at all wrong with these questions.  But what if we woke up every morning and instead said, “How may I serve today?”  What would open up for us, and others, if we commit to making things happen around this intention?

Best-selling author and spiritual leader Dr. Wayne Dyer, in a blog post titled, Authentic Self Seeks Meaning, said that the difference between our authentic self and the false self, created by ego, is that the authentic self wonders, “How may I serve?” rather than the ego’s attitude of “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.”  His premise involves the law of attraction where, he says, if we choose to live in a demanding environment (gimmie), then the universe will demand more of us.  However, if we choose to live in a non-demanding environment (giving), then more will be given to us.

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