May 7, 2020

How to know “This Thing Called You”

When my mother was 6 years of age, a book that would change the lives of thousands was published.  Also, this book would one day find itself in my bookshelf—when I was not ready for its wisdom, even though, I believed I was.

How could a book have such a profound effect on others, yet cause me to put it down time and time again?

That was common behavior for the first half of this incarnation where I tended to be quite flaky where my spiritual journey was concerned.  Opening books, never finishing them.  Like never.

A couple of years ago, I entered the Fabulous Fifties, and my Soul has been trying to get my attention, trying to get me to Wake Up!

Let’s just say I can be quite hard-headed when it comes to minding my Higher Self.

Only 3 days ago did I make the decision to give Her some finally much-needed food, healing, and attention.

I now intend to open books and finish them.

I now intend to maintain focused attention on the energy I emit and receive.

My openness to receiving AND hearing my Higher Self’s voice was only made possible because I did away with entertainment that was merely filling space and simultaneously numbing.

I broke up with hangouts like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon’s “Free for Me’ nonsense.

I only maintain YouTube to watch (or listen to) all things spiritual in nature.

Now, it is all about my total well-being (mind, body and spirit).

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So, what pray tell is this book of which I speak?  It is the beloved classic called This Thing Called You written by Ernest Holmes in 1948.  And found its way into my life in 2017—and again in 2020.

When I say that I had this book in my hands and never got past page 2 is not an exaggeration.  I have done the same with audiobooks.

Just flakier than a box of Corn Flakes®.

Now, let me get back to why you are here—with me—in this moment.

Today, my Soul led me to a blog I posted on 30 September 2016.  In this blog, I was reminded of the enlightened presence that is its author. 

So, I did what any Curious Cat would do, I returned to his website, only this time, with a more Awakened mind.

From there, I discovered one yummylicious rabbit hole after the next.

You may now be wondering what in the h-e-double hockey sticks does this author’s website have to do with the book.

Hold onto your chones.

The following video was posted by him on the 11th, and it has EVERYTHING to do with the book.

My Higher Self can be one cheeky chick when it comes to returning my attention to the wisdom She needs me to absorb.

May you “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” and be the embodiment of your TRUE essence now!


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