October 17, 2008

“… I don’t want to be cured.”

Courtesy of a wicked net savvy mom, aka autismfamily on Tweetsville, I was introduced to another cool social network for Auties and those who love and support them.

While browsing, I came across a group who reminded me of one of my previous posts regarding vaccines not being the cause for autism, and the comment I received from a reader.  The group was aptly named, “I’m Autistic.  Don’t Cure me! ”

I began reading the article titled, “My thoughts and feelings about those Autism cure groups and other stuff

Here are a few highlights:

1st of all, I don’t think those curing Autism groups ever considered the thoughts and feelings of Autistic individuals like myself that do not wish to be cured, in fact those curing Autism groups send out several wrong messages and I can name these wrong messages that are sent out.

4. Having Autism is a bad thing and we need to cure it (Although there have been some cons to having Autism, there are also some pros to having Autism as well, but the cure Autism people fail to see the pros, they look only at the cons and never the pros…

Last but not least may I say, down with the cure Autism groups, let them all go to Hell.

This article is just another example of an adult on the spectrum proclaiming that they’re pissed off and they don’t see anything “wrong” with being autistic.

I really need to sit down with some grown auties and be schooled.

My experiences are with the young ‘uns, and it’s, once again, obvious that I have a lot to learn… from those who have been living with the disorder much longer that I have.

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