November 30, 2008

I Still Believe. Do You?

I am thankful for a little piece of spam email that I received back in 2005.  It was from Santa!

I am thankful for the wonderful memory this company gave me.

That year, I got to see the most wonderful expression cross my son’s face when I told him he had a letter from Santa.  It was priceless!  He was beyond excited!

Here’s a screenshot from this company’s website.

The letters are personalized and are postmarked from the North Pole.  You can choose from a Traditional or a Christian letter.

There are even letters for Baby’s First Christmas!

And for $9.95, it’s worth it!

Since 2005, I’ve been adding the Good List Certificate to my order because lil’ man is the best kid ever!

One of the items I would LOVE to order, but will have to wait until we move to a climate where it frequently snows, is their exclusive “Santa Was Here” kit.

Very original these folks are, and they’re definitely worth checking out!

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of Christmas favorites when it comes to movies.  One of them stands out more than the rest.  It’s the The Polar Express.

It’s a wonderfully and beautifully created film about a little boy who rediscovers the joy of Christmas.

In one scene, another little boy who’s doesn’t come from the other side of the tracks (meaning his family is considered “poor”) is found singing the following song.  It’s beautiful and touching!

And there is nothing more beautiful than hearing my son sing along with him and the young lady that joins in.

I don’t know when I’ll stop ordering from nor do I know when I’ll tell my son that Santa isn’t a person but more a beautiful thought that comes not necessarily from the fact that you get presents this time of year but more joy one receives from giving joy and hope to others.

I definitely won’t take the “Santa’s not real, so grow up!” approach, but I know I’ll have to say something eventually.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this…

Although, Christmas is only celebrated once a year, the spirit of it should remain with you…

If You Just Believe!

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