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February 15, 2022

Impressions Within The Dream

Something powerful is being activated, for I cannot recall the last time I experienced so many incredible visions.

Something powerful—is awakening within me—and I’m so here for it.

14 February 2022—23:00 – 23:33

I was looking at myself sitting inside a glass dome-shaped structure that was affixed to the side of a rocky cliff.

The landscape was otherworldly.

A night-time sky held a daytime sun in its grasp, and an exquisite magenta-colored planet with indigo swirls sat ridiculously close to the horizon.

The scene changed, and I’m sitting as I was while meditating, only I look down and I’m holding my phone. I inquired as to why and was told that I would soon be hearing news that I wanted to hear.

**This vision occurred while I was listening to this meditation.

14 February 2022—04:14

Disclaimer: If you’re sensitive to language, you can skip what follows. And yes, I realize that I’ve placed them in reverse.

I’m lying in my bed when I got the nudge to record my thoughts.  This is something I often do whenever my notebook is not near me, and what follows is a raw stream of consciousness. [The unedited transcript is here]

The energies are really pulling things out and are inviting me to look at what’s being shown. Not necessarily with a fine-tooth comb, but from a more observant space.

Quite of few of these visions have been on the otherworldly/alien side; seeing what I already knew—I’m not from here.

I can also more clearly see that I truly can play full out while I’m here as a being not from here.

If that makes any sense.

Playing full out is something that I haven’t previously done or been doing.

So, What are you being shown? What visions are encouraging you to be and/or do more than you currently are?


At 54, I have to ask myself, what lights up my spirit? It has been a lot of years where I’ve spent many a day on repeat. I get up in the same frequency, thereby experiencing the same experiences, nothing has changed. And in those moments when there is a frequency shift, I find that when I’ve stepped out of the space of being the observer, for lack of better word, there’s regression. So being in the infinite field of Yes. And then seeing that possibility, saying yes to that possibility, and then the fuckin sword, the duel, I’m, I’m in the middle of a duel, or joust and the other part of that is like, What the fuck? No, that didn’t work before. What makes you think it’s gonna work this time? You don’t even know what you want. You wanted to do this, but you don’t think that it’s possible. And then in the next breath is like yeah, infinite field of Yes, right? Clarity is a bitch sometimes. Because you’re clear, but then 54. That’s over half a century of conditioning, of not upgrading the code when new updates presented themselves. Okay 2022, the year of diving headfirst into that infinite expansive field of the yummylicious Yes—no matter what. I will say yes to spirit. I will say yes to the greater aspect of me, which is all that is as the creator of all that is. I am willing to step fully into that infinite field and show up. And show up.

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