August 17, 2014

Instant-Happiness (Is That Possible?)

How would you respond if I told you that you can be truly happy, right here and right now, regardless of who you are, where you are and what you are doing?

Yes, you understood well. You can be happy here and now no matter what.

I realize that this sort of approach can sound a little crazy at first, but the reason for that is that most of us have been raised to believe that you first need to meet a hundred conditions before allowing yourself to be happy.

Many people believe that they need to work really hard in life and achieve everything that is expected of them before they allow themselves the right to be happy. But you must be aware that no one ever lives to see that day.


Because happiness is the path, not the destination!

We have been taught to see happiness as destination, not the path. But happiness is the path, not the destination. If you are not happy while you are traveling through life, reaching a certain destination (in other words, attaining goals, etc.) will not give you what you wanted to experience before you embarked on the journey in the first place.

Happiness is the path, not the destination. Remember this well and keep it in mind at all times.

One of the reasons why many people do not understand what we have just said is that they do not understand what happiness really is. Many people confuse happiness with pleasure, but happiness and pleasure are two different things. You can be completely dissatisfied, and yet happy at the same time. Pleasure brings brief moments of satisfaction, while happiness is a lasting thing. Pleasure is always connected with fulfilling a certain desire, whereas the presence of happiness in our life has nothing to do with any desire we might have.

Keep this in mind because it is a most fundamental approach toward life. The way you experience 99% of the things you do in life will depend on the way you think of the relationship between happiness and I consider myself one of the most dissatisfied people in the whole world. No matter what I achieve, my sense of pleasure never lasts more than three days. I would even dare say that I am bored when I feel pleased.

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