January 25, 2017

Instantly Feel Better

There are a couple of techniques that I acquired from Rikka Zimmerman during her Access Consciousness© days.

I find that as simple as they are… they work. Oftentimes, instantaneously.

Whenever I find my energy taking a major dive, I ask, “Is it mine?”  Sometimes, I’ll get a pit in my gut that is my signal for “no”.  Other times, a rush of energy will rise from my feet and out my head. That’s my “yes”. However, the reverse responses are how AC teaches to use as your guides.

I’m a rebel, so I do it my way. Plus, I’m not to keen on being told what to do.

Anyhoo, I employ the other technique, more often than the first, whenever I feel that pit.   Why? it gets me out of my head faster.

I simply sit into that blah feeling and state, “return to sender with consciousness attached.”   More times than not, it is this second technique that really does the trick. Instead of me focusing on whether what I am feeling is mine or not, I just let it go fully transmuted. By using this technique, the energy is returned at a higher frequency than how you picked it up. Win-win for all!

After all, everything I experience is mine, right?  Remember my stance on all beings being other versions of me, and vice versa?

So, the next time you find yourself in a rut… stop and breathe into what has shown up. By acknowledging that feeling, or emotion, you create space to let it go.

“Return to sender… with consciousness attached.”


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