November 9, 2016

It is done… now what?

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Last night, I fell asleep feeling anxious. This morning, I awoke with a heavy heart.  Why? I was so excited to share this voting season with my Prince… that I forgot to register to vote. I know… how the fuck could that be possible?

So, I cannot complain at the results, for my actions (or lack thereof) are what created them.

As a Veteran, I find myself now looking at this very divided country, whose liberties I once defended, with eyes of bewilderment.

However, this is still the land of my birth.

It befuddles the mind that a racist fool has been elected as the next leader of this country.  The last time I wept this hard… it was September 11, 2001.

The republicans have their puppet… and may the rest of us not suffer as a result.

Anyhoo, the election is over, so everyone who did not vote Republican (or vote at all), need to get over the results. It is time for us to move forward… in full faith that somehow, in some way, we will all come together and be the embodiment of the United States of America.

All I can do is bless the people who believe that Black slaves were treated well and that slavery was a time of benevolence for us (us as in our enslaved ancestors). [Watch this video... and pay close attention to the young Black male who says nothing when this statement is made.]

All I can do is bless the people who actually think racism is just a thing of which Blacks are “too sensitive”, or “easily offended” by, for many of his supporters, well, don’t like my kind all that much… if at all. [Read this USA Today article.]

So, what is done… is done.

What is needed now is for all of us to remain centered and focused on what we want to create going forward… for the entire country to prosper and grow as one.

We are the creators of our reality and as a collective, whether we like it or not, we created this election and its results.

As a collective, wherever our focus, is what we are now experiencing.

As a collective, we must see results of this election as the “holy shit” moment that it is… and get over it!

The results are allowing us to see just how truly powerful we are as a whole divided within itself.

We get to now experience, for the next four years, the playing out of said creation.

So, stay focused on the feelings that uplift you and activate a higher experience.

Continue to send your highest intentions to everyone everywhere.

Stay strong for pushing, resisting, what has been created will only bring us ALL more of what we do not want.

Life goes on… so, let us make the most of this new experience!

To all of my Hispanic sisters and brothers who have been called, “illegals”, “rapists”, “criminals”, and “killers”… know that I love you. And I am sorry for the Hispanics who supported the hate against you.

To all my Muslim sisters and brothers who have been called, “terrorists”, “killers”, and who this President-elect wants to extinguish from the earth, regardless of affiliation… know that I love you. And I am sorry for all who supported and joined in on the hate against you.

To all my LGBTQ sisters and brothers whose liberties are still under attack and whose protections this President-elect seeks to destroy… know that I love you. And I am sorry for every person who deems you as “less than” and undeserving of happiness.

I’m sorry, for I did not vote and stand up for anyone.

Please forgive me for not thinking this election as being important enough to register my voice.

I love you…  know that you are not alone, even in this dark hour.

Thank you… and may we all move forward with grace and dignity.

“Thoughts become things.” 

– Mike Dooley