January 5, 2009

“Just Another Manic Monday!”

I don’t know about you, but I used to love me some Bangles!

Nowadays, when I flash back to that time, and (thanks to today’s fashion/music trend) it’s more often than not, I can’t help but feel that we have moved forward so quickly that everything and nothing makes any sense anymore.

Controversies” seem to be spreading like a virus, and it looks as if there’s no “cure” in sight.

But you know something? I can’t bring myself to type anything negative today.

“Why” you ask?

Well, my heart’s just not in it.

I just don’t “feel” like I can do it anymore.

I’m moving on up… emotionally speaking, that is.

The winds of change have blown my way and knocked me on my bum and declared, “WAKE UP, YOU FOOL!”

I know.  My winds of change have a bit of an attitude!

Whatdya gonna do?  {shrugs}

One of my biggest flaws is I have a hard time letting go. (If you just passed out from reading that one, I hope someone was close by to offer up the smelling salts ’cause YES! I do have flaws.  Shocking.  I know!  😉 )

Ask me what my half-sister did to a WOOL sweater of mine when I was 12.

Ask me what my half-brother did to ALL of my Barbies one fine Saturday morn when I was having such a lovely day.

Ask me about the one I “thought” had got away, and I how I carried a torch for YEARS thinking he would return. Only to finally come to my senses and realize he was just “no good”.

The list is endless, my friends.  And it is a ridiculous list to boot.

You’re probably thinking, “Adonya, you have SO much to be grateful for.  What gives?”

What gives is I am a raving lunatic who has thrived for years on conjuring up my past to wreck my present.

Today, I shout, “NO MORE!!!” or “No Mas!!!” for my Spanish speaking pals!  😀

In 3 days, I turn 41, and last I checked… I’m supposed to be getting WISER with age!

There’s a quote out there by one of my fave people and a real cutie at that, James Arthur Ray, and I think it goes a little something like this, “When would NOW be the time?”

My thoughts exactly!

I could’ve started letting things go… yesterday, but I still had a little “hmph” left in me.  Plus, yesterday is gone, and I can’t do a thing about it. So, hasta la vista, baby.  Moving on!

Therefore, I shall focus on what I have right here, right now (hmmmmm, sounds like another groovy song), and that’s my present moment.  My today.

“One way to get the most out of life is
to look upon it as an adventure.

William Feather

“As I grow to understand life less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

Jules Renard

You either love life, or you leave it.  There aren’t other options.

You either give it your best shot or not.

Today is that day.

I will move forward on a positive note.

I will take each moment and learn from it.

I will journey “within”, so I may have a beautiful journey while I’m “out”.

I will take life’s punches and roll with them.

Today is the best day of my life!

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