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December 11, 2008

La Dolce Vita!

Life is sweet!

Life is good!

Life rhymes!

Remember the post when I briefly mentioned my obsession, I mean, love for Ning?

Well, in addition to being a member of some pretty awesome autism sites, I am also a member of some pretty awesome author sites.  I guess I gotta thing for sites with “au” in ’em.

One of the author sites is about book marketing!

I’m an author.  Whatdya expect?

One of the many cool things about being part of the Ning family is I have met some pretty incredible people (I’ve also met some pretty incredible people on Facebook and MySpace too! {wink})!

The friendship I’d really like to highlight today is Teresa Butler, author of Simon Says Share.

Teresa is one of the most gracious, amiable, big-hearted, good-natured, friendliest people I ever did meet… online, that is!

And folks!  Lemme tell ya, I’ve met a lot of people over the years, and she’s definitely in my Top 10!

I do hope to actually meet her someday.  Perhaps, at a conference or book signing or appearance on Oprah or Ellen?  {big wink}

Simons Says Share (Phylira 2008) is Teresa’s first published book, and I can’t wait to read it!

Simon Says is a series of books that talk about mannerisms, sharing and the courtesies we should use everyday, giving the reasons why we use them.  It will help to create a continuous dialog between parent and child, teacher and child and, most importantly, child and child. Future titles, including Simon Says Thank You and Simon Says Please will explain more about why these mannerisms are necessary and how they have a positive effect on our lives. “The book’s aim is to teach children to be courteous and respectful of others around them,” says Teresa, author and creator of the Simon Says series. Free Download of “Share”

The books are particularly valuable for small children, preschoolers and kindergartners, who will quickly absorb what is being taught. It might even reinforce manners among some adults.  Proper manners and courtesies are how we prosper in life, so why not teach our children how to prosper while they are young?

The book series will give adults the key to open a dialog with the children they read it to. The illustrations are eye-catching with vibrant colors, and the book is filled with characters that children can easily relate to.

We will donate money from our sales to the National Head Start Association, for every book sold, we will donate $1.00.

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Before you head out, there’s someone else you need to know.  Know who I have to thank for the virtual intro?

You guessed it!  Teresa!

Marcello Milteer is also a children’s author & graphic artist of Karate Cat (CreateSpace 2008), and he is one cool cat (pun intended)!

Although, Marcello and I haven’t had a lot of online communication with one another, the exchanges we have had have been awesome!

My jaw drops every time I look at the illustrations in his book.  Man, this cat’s got some serious talent!

Karate Cat is about a bungling cat named Ronin, who daydreams about being a kung-fu warrior.  He has a secret dream of becoming a village hero using the discipline of martial arts.  There is only one problem, Ronin has low self-esteem.  Follow our young hero-in-training, as he travels down a path of adventure as he tries to overcome adversity and learns to become comfortable in his own skin, or in his case, fur!

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Please support the local economy this holiday season by adding Teresa and Marcello’s books to your shopping list… in addition to In My Mind: The World through the Eyes of Autism! {wink}

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