October 10, 2012

Label Me Not!

Labels, labels, labels!

As a species, we label everything. We label people, things, and experiences. Maybe (or maybe not) that’s just how life is in a world of polarities. But, labeling people can often cause pain, frustration, anger, and even, resentment.

How many times have you used the word, “retarded“, to describe something “stupid” that you, or someone you know, has done? How many times have you witnessed another driver doing something “stupid“, and immediately labeled that person with this stereotype, “I knew they were Asian because they’re all bad drivers”?

How many times have you used a label to excuse yours or someone else’s behavior?

Labels can hurt… deeply! And too often, they will leave wounds that can be extremely difficult to heal.

As a species, things are shifting so dramatically in our world that we are being prompted, and this prompting is no longer gentle, to snap out of it! We are being invited to look within ourselves to see what needs to be healed and released for we cannot continue to travel down the same path that has become overgrown and abused by our choices… our free will.

Choice, free will.. same thing! Instead of always defaulting to the, “That’s just the way I am”, or “That’s just the way things are” mindset, why not flip the switch and try something new?

We all have the power within us to create great change, and that change must start within.

We all have the choice/free will to be mindful about what leaves our lips and falls on another’s ears.

We all have the choice/free will to better ourselves, which will, ultimately, better our experiences with others and this world.

Change can happen overnight! And change is what this world needs right now. We can change how we perceive ourselves and others. We can relinquish the judgments and labels that we place on ourselves and others. We truly can do so much more, and it’s time to “git r done”!

Labels, labels, labels!

Labeling limits our capacity to fully relate to one another. Some people choose to label themselves to offset having to explain “who” they are to other people; to offset being their authentic Self.

Labeling is, oftentimes, the easier road to travel. Again, we have choice. If labeling makes your life experiences more fulfilling then go for it. If, however, your life experiences seem frothed with discomfort due to said labeling, it may be time to shake things up and change.

Labels, labels, labels!

I am an American Aboriginal woman with an Asian last name who’s a single mother to a son living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Not only have I dished out labels, I’ve also received them in great abundance! So… I get it!

Once I began decreasing the amount of labels I dished out, my life experiences shifted in the most amazing ways! I began to perceive things/life with less judgment (and believe me, I used to be really “judge-y”), and I now have more compassion and empathy for myself and others.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a work-in-progress… and this process is ongoing. I am by no means saying I’m all enlightened and what-not. However, I am making more conscious choices, which makes life more enjoyable.

Labels, labels, labels!

It’s time for us to shift from labeling one another to relating to one another, and get back to what really matters. And that’s seeing life with unbiased vision and experiencing life with an open and loving heart.

Now, you may be rumbling and groaning, and I hear ya… but I know that this is not impossible.  I believe that we can become so much more, and it is because we are a species capable of great things!

UPDATE 11/8/2015

The following video was just brought to my attention, and I feel it DEFINITELY adds to this conversation.

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