October 12, 2008

Lacking Improvement at Home Depot.

It’s the law of nature, I suppose.  You write about something, and next thing you know, the exact opposite occurs.

Yesterday, I wrote about how my son doesn’t experience many meltdowns.  Well, today wasn’t that day.  The storm clouds rolled in, shortly after we left home, and it took nearly 40 minutes for them to roll on out.

Of course, my husband and I are to blame for the meltdown.

You see, we were at Home Depot, shopping for potters.  We found one, and noticed there was a second (and last one) situated deep on the shelf that only my prince could retrieve.

Now, I made the attempt to get it, but my hips got the best of me.

My husband tried, but he’s bigger than I am, and didn’t make it far.

He was the skinniest of the crew.  We didn’t think much about it.

So, the only one left was little man.  We pointed to what we wanted, and he went for it.  I think the confusion set in when we told him to bring it out with him.

Once he was out… the tears started. Our enthusiastic cheers for a job well done didn’t do much to deter his reaction.

What he did for us was something really new; we should have known better.

We thought if we took him out for a celebratory lunch, he’d feel better, but he didn’t.  The tears were still there.

I know it wasn’t anything I did, because just as suddenly as the tears had started, they stopped.  Then came the laughter and silliness.

I’ll definitely think several times over before I asked Nicholas to do anything new for me again.

Lesson learned!

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