October 24, 2008

Learning to live with Autism.

I miss Boston.

Not because I miss hangin’ out and listening to Denis talk trash. (note to self… tell other personalities to stay out of my blog posts.  {sigh}).

I miss Boston for more important reasons.

I miss the funny way Bostonians talk.

I miss picking fresh apples for my apple pies.

I miss my friends and family.

I miss having white Chrismases.

And I miss my Boston sports fans.  I should I say fanatics?!?!

But more than that, I miss their news reporting.

It seems as it parents of auties spend most of our time talking about the children who have autism and not as much time talking about their neurotypical siblings (I only have one child, but I’ve read comments of those who have more).

What’s it like for these siblings?  How has autism affected their lives?  Who’s helping them cope?

Today, The Boston Globe reported,

it was because of these kinds of concerns that the Autism Resource Center launched these monthly “Sibshops” to help them cope. Blending information and education with recreational activities, the Sibshops are designed to make the siblings of autistic children feel less alone and less burdened by responsibilities no one their age should feel compelled to shoulder.

It’s good to see communities, like West Boylston, taking care of all of us whose lives have been affected by autism and not just the children who have it.

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