May 7, 2011

Life is like a Bag of Fertilizer!

A play on words from a popular movie… yet, there’s a lot of truth to them.

We came into this world innocent and hopeful, and most of us leave it carrying truckloads of regret on our shoulders. Most of us have become so constipated that we’ve forgotten that life was not meant to be one of struggle and hardship. Life was designed to be adventurousfulfillinginspiring, and entertaining. Life also depends on whether we choose to hold on to our crap for fear of being authentic, or allow others to continue to lay their crap at our feet giving us more stuff to move through.

Graphic? Perhaps, but we’ve had enough of the sugar-coated poo. It’s time for us to regain control of our lives, and be the masters of our creations versus innocent bystanders who stand in front of fans when the shift hits.

We may not all have been “blessed” with green thumbs, but that shouldn’t stop us from tending to the garden of our lives. And the first step starts with us. Changing how we think and believe life should be. Moving from a place of victimhood, or Poo-dom, and into a place of self-loveacceptance, and gratitude. We simply cannot create anything beautiful if we’re always tending to the weeds… the crap. In order to live the life of our dreams, we need to focus on the things that we really want, and know we deserve. Only then can our garden flourish and bring us more joy.

We can use the lessons we’ve learned in life like fertilizer. We can use them to help our new seeds grow, or we can leave the bag in a shed, and let it continue to stink up the joint. Either way, we’re making a choice.

Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be like trash day… something we do once a week. It’s a daily practice, and if the word practice doesn’t jive, well… use one that does. It’s in our best interest to keep our mind, body, and spirit clean and clear every day. And we need to shower our garden with love and appreciation, so that it will continue to bloom season after season.

Life doesn’t have to be “like a box of chocolates” where we “never know what we might get”. Nope! We are the masters of our life experiences. And if there’s someone who doesn’t feel we’re deserving of the good life then we have a choice to surround ourselves with people who believe we do… like we believe in ourselves.

Choice. Choice. Choice.

Tend to the garden now… and “Choose differently… Choose better!“™

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