August 4, 2016

A Life Lesson from a nursery rhyme?

The message that I needed to receive today came by way of a nursery rhyme I have recited more times than I can recall.

Recited… but never integrated into my being…. until today!

Like many children of my generation, this nursery rhyme was a must-learn in preschool. And it usually caused extreme irritation when heard more than once. 😉

In all my years of knowing this nursery rhyme, I never paid any attention to the meaning within the words.

And of course, the message was beyond obvious.

Today’s life lesson is on “Row Row Row Your boat” as interpreted by Prince EA.

Yo guys, this might be the deepest song in the history of songs.

Row your boat. What is “the boat”? This body – this life form. Are we not 75% water? Rowing every time we walk?

The song says, “Row YOUR boat” – take control of your life!

You are the captain of your ship.

Stop worrying about someone else’s boat.

Don’t take they paddles from them, and try to row for them.

You can give the direction; show them technique; but they have to row their own boat!

And YOU have to row yours!

“Gently down the stream.”


Not forcefully; not fighting against the current, but going with the flow.

You heard that phrase before?

“Going with the flow of life”

Because when you argue with reality, you lose.

So, flow gently down the stream of consciousness.

“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.”

Not struggling, struggling.

Not seriously, seriously.


Stop walking around like you got a finger up your butthole.


The number one cause of death is stress.

And what is stress?

How you are interpreting what’s happening to you?

Scientists have proven, that in your brain, there is no difference between anxiety and excitement.

The only difference is how you are interpreting what’s happening.

Shakespeare said, “A tragedy is a comedy, misunderstood.”

It is all about interpretation.

Be happy.

Harvard researcher, Shawn Acre that 75% of job and school success is predicted by optimism levels. Not only are optimists physically healthier, but they recover more quickly from illness and live longer.

Because “life is but a dream”.

Are you talking about “Inception”?

I mean, is this a dream?

Are we dreaming right now?

As we go to sleep tonight, does this world of our strong ideas, passions, and loved ones not effortlessly disappear – replaced with others?

See, all the ancient sages and gurus said the same thing… This is a dream. A passing dream, and it is your duty to wake up to the truth.

That you are powerful, and you choose how you see life.

Every morning, when you wake up… you can either say, “Good morning, God.” or “Good god… morning.”


I mean… REALLY!  This rhyme was incredibly simple, yet, it contained an extremely profound message!

“Row, Row, Row Your Boat” is a perfect example of how Life offers us the simplest of hints on how to navigate It…. and live a life of ease.

Lesson… learned!!!  Thanks, Prince EA!


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