October 1, 2016

Living In Secret

It would seem that being out in one’s practice is not something some would find a comforting thing to do as I have come across many a practitioner who still “hide” in the shadows and do not show their true selves to the public.

What makes someone afraid to not live in their truth and to not give AF what other’s have to say about it?

It is not as if we are still living in the days of the witch hunt.

Or are we?


I knew of a practitioner who was getting sued, and they removed 98% of their YouTube presence in order to deter the plaintiff in their case from using said presence against them. TF is that about???

I also knew of other practitioners who offered sage advise by way of delicious videos, yet do not show their faces.

Feeling shame?

Why is it, in the 21st century, that witches, hoodooists, vodouns, and the like feel they cannot show who they really are to the public?

Have we sunk so far back in time that “religious” freedom or otherwise, is still deemed intolerable?

How f_____d up that notion is!

In the Spring of 2016, I reached out to some of these practitioners via their YouTube channels.

Below, you will read the exact words I wrote to one… along with her unedited reply.

I would love, love, love to chat with you via a Skype interview. I already understand that you were blessed with magickal assistance from your upbringing (through family); at least that is what I gathered from one of your videos. However, I would love to know why you practice so publicly when historically Blacks have only practiced in private (away from prying eyes) due to unjust persecution.

Although, my query to her was stemmed from the perspective of a Black practitioner, I do not identify as being “black” as the color of my beautiful brown skin would make the Godiva chocolatiers quite jealous.

At any rate, her response tied in quite nicely with folks “living in secret”. Something I simply cannot do as I have had an ever-evolving online presence for over 20 years… and hiding was something that caused too much pain. Better to live free versus enslaved in someone else’s limiting belief system. Ugh!

Anyhoo, back to the story.  Her was her reply.

I’m not sure what your interview would consist of but I’m honestly not interested in discussing anything other than what I reveal on my channel. My personal life is my personal life and tot stay at that!

In today world everyone is free to practice and everyone with the knowledge they have attained either through the learnings of other practitioners ;others around them in general or ancestral secrets given to them are more free with themselves

I don’t believe that blacks are mainly keeping what they do secret, I believe people in general hide it due to the fact that being a “witch” was a term created to stop the beliefs of another so that beliefs in church would be stronger . The church was very much involved with healing the exorcism in the bodies of those attacked by the Devils and when it was to much for them to gather , blame the witch, Blame her for feeding the person the curse, making the curse and being a curse to society in a whole. blaming someone or something for all evil happening and gearing all negative actions towards a person that\’s been helping medicinally and spiritually would be all reasons to hide. Still it isn’t accepted in most places , but most places accept it with open arms and with much love.

You see my black skin in my videos but how much about me do you really know?

Automatically you have generated a assumption based in 2 hands that you have seen , based on 2 black hands you have compared me to a whole generation of people that were beaten and killed for practicing there beliefs when they were enslaved . Automatically you have assumed all “black hands ” hide them selves in fear.

You have also assumed I am just a black woman in general , my skin is brown , my family and generations of family are based on many different origins and cultures that have created me with a blend of them all. These hands are used to change the world , these hands you see tell you nothing of what you have already assumed .

My majichans cannot be historically compared to beliefs that are ignorant to what “African American ” went through dealing with majic. Anyone would hide it. But not due to prying eyes but to to the fact that the secrets they hold and know should never be let out into a society that destroyed their people . ” witches” come in all shapes and sizes and still do .
Your lack of knowledge about African American and the roots of hoodoo isn’t going to gets you the answers you seek because you looking at the wrong things.

Historically?? What does history know of the African American and there relationship to the majic world ?? Anything known is always far from the truth
Hoodoo is practiced by blacks and whites and is kept in secret both on a even level.

Hundreds were hanged for practicing what they believed and like a religion why was it not fair for them to follow a path of a different road ? follow a path to a guiding light they felt made them whole? Lots followed the path through god but that wasn’t believed .

I’m a spiritualist, herbalist, healer and I practice my majic openly and freely because it my god given will. I am so many .

Majic should be kept in secret on some levels, everyone shouldn’t know what you do or how you do it .

My knowledge was attained from within, yes my family may have been knowledgeable¬† and wise to the gifts they we’re also blessed with . But what you see is all me, wisdom in majic and being able to guide myself and service my client with uniqueness and spells to suit them is all . Next time you see these 2 “Black” hands that you compared to whole society, understand there much more to them than what you see. I cannot be compared to others because I am not like others .

Stay blessed!

Soooo… I just wanted to have a friendly chat, and that was what I received.

Did my ass just get burned at the stake?!?!?


Her reaction is a classic example of what happens when someone assumes another is thinking/saying one thing when a simple question of clarity would have cleared the matter quite nicely.

“Practicing openly”, yet folks still cannot see your face on your videos.

Girl, BYE!

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