I am so excited to welcome you to greater prosperity!

You are now on the road to receiving MORE money than you have ever imagined possible! Yeah, baby!
In this game, you’ll be encouraged to circulate — out in the world — over $14,000,000,000,000.00. That’s over fourteen TRILLION dollars!
More than likely, you just felt a twinge of discomfort when you saw that number.
Keep moving forward because it will get easier.
You WILL experience a breakthrough and come out prosperous and confident in your ability to continually receive large sums of money. (Here are the deposit amounts and your checkbook register.)
A register from your checkbook is not going to last very long because of the dollar amounts being deposited and spent.  [I tried it and lasted only a couple of days. ]
Okay… here are the ONLY rules to playing:
  1. Every deposit must be spent the day it was received.*
  2. You may not give the money to friends or family.
  3. Have fun!
Money is neutral. It is energy and does not “care” who “possesses” it, so, you might was well have fun with it.
Seeing you living a life that is joyful, peaceful, happy, and financially free!

In the beginning, you may feel pretty resistant with the amounts you’re receiving. However, I invite you to just have fun while spending the daily deposits.

May your money vibration increase and your money ‘worries’ fall to pieces.

want to dive deeper?

What if you could change an “annoying” habit, simply by stating one word?

Would you do it, or would you regress to an old way of thinking, “Oh, right! Like that’s gonna work for me?!?!?”

What if you didn’t have to actively visualize what it is that you desire?

What if… it was more simple than memorizing and repeating long, drawn out affirmations?

Would YOU try it?

Or maybe you would prefer to keep doing what you have been doing, and keep receiving the same results… day after day after day?

I think not.

Put some WD-40® on your Subconscious Mind and start experiencing life as it was meant to be with these powerful activations!




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