October 7, 2008

Music to My Ears.

I’ve heard a lot about what music therapy can do for a child on The Spectrum.  I’ve heard that a child on The Spectrum has perfect pitch because they hear music differently than the rest of us.  I’ve heard music therapy “brings a child out of autism”.

With so many positives being spoken about music therapy, I do not understand why it isn’t available in every state so that every child has access to it.

I once lived in very progressive states (i.e. Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island). I had access to every possible therapy and state resource. I moved and those resources feel by the wayside. I’ve since stopped kicking myself for moving.

I know live in a state that’s been playing catch up for a while. It has well over a 3-year wait list for much-needed services. 3 years! Do you realize how much valuable therapeutic time a child loses? They lose 3 years… if not more.

I don’t know when exactly autism became a household name. It’s sad to say that it’s become one at all, but it has nonetheless.

I also don’t know why some states have while others have not. Or is it merely a case of some states caring more than others? I hope it is the former, because the latter denotes a rather cruel intention.

I don’t understand why any state wouldn’t want to offer the very best to every child in its care.

As a resident of a state that’s slowly coming around, it is up to me to ensure my son receives whatever therapies that will benefit him. Even, if I have to shell out the big duckets to do so.

Good grief! I’m ranting again. My apologies.

I brought up music therapy to introduce you to a child who has greatly benefited from it. You may already know his name, you may not.

Don’t see him as a child who has autism. See him as a child who’s “got talent”!


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