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Healers: 3 Simple Steps To Get What You Need

As healers, if you have consciously, or unconsciously, assumed the position of the superhero-healer-to-the-rescue and silently wish you could help yourself by asking for support, here are 3 simple steps that will help you channel all that energy the right way and achieve the freedom you deserve.


The Dark Side of The Zodiac

In Tropical/Western Astrology, I am a Capricorn.  However, some would say that Sidereal Astrology is more accurate, therefore, you will find me playing in the field of Sagittarius. (more…)

Repeat Manifestation Offenders

Everything that we experience was created from a vast pool of seeming emptiness where all infinite possibilities dwell.  When we are afraid of this dark pool, we are also afraid of our creative power.


Ever Striving for Greatness

Lately, I have been reflecting on my writings and came to the realization that instead of expressing the greatness that dwells within me, I have been focusing my energies on judging others/expressing egotistic views.  Well.  That is no longer the platform on which I wish to reside. So.


When Poetry is in Motion

I love Edgar Allan Poe.  When I read his poem, The Raven, during high school, I immediately fell in love.  So much so, that this poem continues to be my all-time favorite.  I bring him up because he often comes to mind this time of year. C’est la vie!


Ridiculously Simple Manifesting Technique

YouTube has me shackled to it like a slave on a transatlantic trip to Hell.  (Yeah, I wrote it.)  Anyhoo.  The recommendations offered to me on that platform often make me pause, for I wonder “Why did that video show itself?”


When Woman Ruled

Men like to control, which is why the patriarchal way of measuring time came into play.  The Divine Feminine became Father Time and God because men simply could not accept that all this shit was created by a feminine essence.  Yeah.  We are about to travel deeply into the rabbit hole, folks.