The Musings

Reclaiming Your Power from Negative Imprints

Stress and anxiety are uncomfortable enough, but they can become all the more stressful when you don’t even know why you’re stressed or anxious. But how can you find the source of your stress and negative emotions if you don’t even realize it exists? Negative imprints...

Impressions Within The Dream

Something powerful is being activated, for I cannot recall the last time I experienced so many incredible visions. Something powerful—is awakening within me—and I'm so here for it. 14 February 2022—23:00 - 23:33 I was looking at myself sitting inside a...

Ever-Expanding in Love

Another day, minding my Ps and Qs, when the veil between dimensions decided to completely dissolve.  Allow me to explain. Earlier today, I participated in a Divine I Am Transmission and Activation offered by this beautiful soul. While in the midst of this juicy field,...

Journeying to Telos?

30 January 2022 The Vision I'm high above the ground. To the front and right side of me, I see an interesting looking forest, a snow-covered mountain, and the sky colors I've only seen on singing bowls. Pinks, blues, greens iridescent hues swirling about in a...

Experiencing Light

Back in September 2016, I wrote about an experience when I had glimpsed another dimension. What follows is a recent experience, written as I witness it.  Meaning, my prose may not be eloquent. Oracle cards that I received two days prior: (Hours after I had been...

Become A Manifesting Powerhouse

Follow this powerful journey of Manifestation through Metratron’s Cube created by We begin with the Cube and end our journey even more powerful when we step into our Star Tetrahedron.

Ho’Oponopono for COVID-19?

My mind became clear, and my energy felt significantly less scattered.

It is for this reason that I wanted to give us as a people something else to consider.

What if COVID-19 is the Divine’s way of bringing humanity’s narcissism down several notches?

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Death as a doorway

Death is but a doorway to new life. We live today; we shall live again. In many forms, shall we return. Although, that "quote" was probably snatched out of some fantasy book, it nonetheless carries...

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Repeat Manifestation Offenders

There comes a time when the child must grow up and make the conscious choice to delete any and all programming that has long since passed its prime.  This is the path I have been consciously on for a few years now.  I have allowed fear to be the uninvited guest in my life, and I have allowed it to stifle my voice for too long.

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Ever Striving for Greatness

Lately, I have been reflecting on my writings and came to the realization that instead of expressing the greatness that dwells within me, I have been focusing my energies on judging others/expressing egotistic views.  Well.  That is no longer the platform on which I wish to reside. So.

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