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January 22, 2017

Never Give Up

For my 3rd birthday, my mother took me and those half siblings to the circus, and it was the world’s most popular circus of its time. She took us to Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey® “The Greatest Show on Earth”.  Yeah, right!

I vividly remember feeling sad. Since I was a toddler, the reason eluded me.

Queue motherhood.

Shortly after my Prince was born, I took advantage of some of the freebies that newborns are afforded.

One was a letter from the President (George W.) that welcomed him into the world.

The other was a free ticket to Ringling.

It remains unused.

That toddler feeling came crawling back as I looked at it. Something felt off.

Now, it sits in his time capsule, and he won’t see it until 2022.


Getting that ticket came at a time when I was not much of an animal advocate.

I liked them. I just didn’t speak out for them.

So, when my Prince was 2, I bought us season passes to Sea World.

Still not an advocate. However, that would quickly change.

One day, I packed all his gear in the car, and off we went.

And guess what?  That sad feeling came back.

As I walked the grounds, I felt depressed.  I felt sorry for the animals.

I found it wrong for the whales, dolphins and other animals to be on display as they were.

I felt sad for the Clydesdales. So beautiful. So NOT free.

All of those magnificent creatures imprisoned for our amusement.

That “entertainment” cost me 200 bucks, yet I didn’t miss it. We only used those tickets once because that was enough for me.

My Prince has also never been to a circus, for I have since taught him of their cruelty.

The elephants do not rear their heads and toot their ‘trumpets” because they are overjoyed.

The lions and tigers do not roar because they are happy.

They do so out of pain; out of frustration. They long for that which was stripped from them.

They long for freedom!

Animal cruelty is no longer part of our life and that includes our diet.

Although, the documentary, Blackfish, really slapped SeaWorld in the face, not much has changed since its release. Some called the film propaganda. Others called it a much-needed wake up call.

Either way, folks are still buying tickets.

Back to the circus.

Ringling is struggling, and the smile on my face couldn’t get any bigger.  This news brings me great pleasure because “The Greatest Show on Earth” is no longer great.

I am thankful that its outmoded way of life is quickly coming to an end.

[UPDATE: Defunct as of 21 May 2017.  Thank you, PETA, for never giving up and for being the LOUDEST advocate for these precious animals!]

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