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August 31, 2018

And Nothing Else Matters

Found myself on Amazon’s Music app listening to an album I adored in the 90s.  If you are a savvy music lover then the title totally gives it away.  🙂


While listening, I got to pondering on my life (for the gazillionth time, of course).  Pondering where I am going; what I am doing; and whether or not any of it really matters.  Why? Whenever I move closer to another birthday, I am often deeply contemplating my existence. lol


Lilith was again swirling about my thoughts like a cosmic tornado leaving me feeling as if I need to be doing something, yet not knowing exactly what that is.

It is as if that juicy treat is sitting on the tip of my tongue, and I am left unable to savor it.

Since I could not still my mind via meditation, I consulted the cards. And would you look who showed up.

Not once.

Not twice.

She showed up THREE times!

(As you know, I do not subscribe to the mindset of Lilith being the cosmic whoring-demon birthing-soul sucking-baby killing-temptress!   I find these ways of thinking ignorant.)

Anyhoo. When I saw The Devil card, I smiled because She can be so cheeky at times.  😀

Let us see what She had to say to me more than once.

CARD ONE: Tackle your worries and concerns head-on. Through your dreams come your ambitions and hopes. Sometimes dreams will take on a prophetic vision for you to follow. Not only follow your dreams but catch them.

How it fits in my current situation: WORD?

  • I have been tackling some concerns and worries of late. I was worried AND concerned that I would not find the perfect home because I needed to move due my growing 14-week old pup. #Accomplished
  • Since my move, my dreams have kicked into hyper-drive!  Very vivid.  Unfortunately, my pup wakes me, so she can go potty outside, therefore, putting me in the space of “Dammit!  What was that dream again?!?” Oh, well! 😀

CARD TWO: Invokes thought and reflection; a pondering on the things that worked for her. With magic by her side, there’s nothing she cannot bring into existence. The knowledge of what to concentrate on is the key to her secrets.

How it fits in my current situation: Again, this card fits perfectly.  This time, Lilith showed up as the essence known as Isis; and energy signature of which I have long been fond.

  • Here I am in reflecting on where I am; allowing myself to feel the energies of what no longer serves me.
  • Here I am engaging more with my magickal tools and energies.  Something I have not done in nearly two years.

CARD THREE: A denial of spiritual purpose or a missing spiritual purpose; drives a dull unmotivated energy. Inner peace through healing is needed. Find a good healthy reason to earn money.

How it fits in my current situation: Perfection!  Hence, the questions I have been pondering.

  • This card shows me that Creator is listening and letting me know She is with me.
  • Moving into my own space again has been the peace I have been craving for over a year.  However, I need to sever the tie of the Energy Vampire then I will be able to once again exhale.
  • When it comes to money, I have been unfulfilled by the work.  I know I can deliver more; be the best version of myself; yet I feel stunted.  With that having been said, I also feel a beautiful change stirring about my aura, which means that things are about to upswing like a MOFO.

Onward and upward!



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