September 17, 2013

OMG! Chakra Me!!!

Has anyone ever told you that they could see your aura and knew exactly “what was wrong with you”?

Have you ever experienced something over and over again, yet you are unable to pinpoint “why”?

Well, the answers may lie within your chakras!

If your life’s in lack… a chakra’s outta whack!™

Understanding our chakras can feel very daunting! There is so much information about them that when it comes to working with them, we sometimes shut down. And in doing so, stop serving ourselves.

Now, we know a lot about the 7 chakras that are attached to our bodies because of all the information that has been written about them!

However, did you know about all the other chakras that are not attached to our bodies that are JUST as important to our well-being?

Here are the chakras that are attached to our meat suits…

  • 1st – Root – Red – Muludara – LAM: Our foundation and sense of groundedness to this dimension
  • 2nd – Sacral – Orange – Svadhisthana – VAM: Where we feel and create
  • 3rd – Solar Plexus – Yellow – Manipura – RAM: Our will and power center
  • 4th – Heart – Green – Anahata – YAM: Where we are compassionate and loving
  • 5th – Throat – Blue – Vishuddha – HAM: Our communication center
  • 6th – Brow/3rd Eye – Indigo – Anja – SHAM: Our center of insight and intuition
  • 7th – Crown – Violet – Sahaswara – AUM: Our connection to higher consciousness and awareness

After we have moved up the body, through our Crown center… there are even more chakras!

We have our…

  • Soul Star Chakra (a few inches above the head; after the Stellar Gateway; transpersonal): Our connection to transcendence/enlightenment/ascension
  • Higher-Self Chakra
  • Christ Consciousness Chakra
  • Archangelic Chakra
  • God(head)/Self Chakra

Then after we have moved through our Root chakra, we have to go through these lil cuties before we get to the much-talked about Earth Star Chakra…

  • Incarnation Point Chakra (a few inches below the feet) – Where we are able to implement our soul’s journey for this lifetime
  • Incarnator Chakra (about 40 cm below the feet) – connection to ancestry, tribe, clan
  • Subpersonal Leadership Chakra (below the feet at an arm’s length) – Anima, in contact with the female archetype
  • Earth Centering Chakra (below the feet at an arm’s length) – links to the archaic earth energy
  • Earth Star Chakra (below the feet at two arm’s length): Connects us to Mother Earth and all humanity

THEN… there’s the Higher Heart Chakra, or Thymus Chakra, located between the Heart and Throat Chakras, which helps us “speak from intent through the heart”.

CHAKRA ME!!! (My new expletive)

Soooooo many energy centers! How on earth are we supposed to figure them all out?!?!?

How on earth, with all this information, can we get back to “normal” without it taking forever???

One… we can stop freaking out!

Two, we can take a nice deep breath!

Instead of trying to figure out which chakra(s) is/are outta wack, we can turn our hovercrafts onto Easy Street! We may not always be in a place where we can get some crystal therapy or hands on body work.

What we can do is simply close our eyes, and state the following to get out of our heads.

“Every aspect of my beingness from my Earth Star chakra to my God(head)  is now cleansed and purified, and I align my hara line* with my life purpose!

[lather, rinse, repeat as necessary]

Once we feel centered aka “normal again”, we will find that this clearer state of being will make it easier for us to create what we actually want to experience in our lives!

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

*What the heck is a Hara Line? Rita does an excellent job of explaining it! Click here to learn more!

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