July 31, 2015

Once In A Blue Moon…

Today marks the 2nd Full Moon of this month, and I feel most fortunate that it is playing in another one of my primary signs, Aquarius. The other Full Moon was on July 2nd in my Sun sign, Capricorn, so it would seem that the cosmos are pullin’ a Destiny’s Child and sayin’ my name in a BIG way! Blue Moons are Cosmic Gold, and they’re great times to…cast a spell! YAY! If you’re looking to make changes in the job front, this Blue Moon will be rife with supportive energy to help you break free and live the dream!

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Looking for astrological predictions?

Here’s what one site predicted might play out for us horny, fish-tailed Capricorns. This past year has been very interesting to say the least. [Sidebar: The last time Jupiter was in Leo, I was doing REALLY well financially. This time around, my relationship with money came to the surface in a different way. With great clarity, I now see HOW I have been relating to money, the beliefs I have been carrying about money, and the emotions that were born out of these beliefs). All of it came to the surface for healing, which is why the following prediction hit home because I have been releasing a lot of issues around the “almighty dollar”. ]

This Full Moon is messing around with your weak spot. Your anxiety about your financial (and therefore your social) status. First of all you have to understand that we love you exactly as you are. It’s not the money we love about you, it’s your integrity, patience and wisdom. And I also got news for you. Jupiter is soon entering the sign of Virgo blessing you with opportunities you’ll love!

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For some time now, I have known that something was about to pop off for me in a way so incredible that my mind would be forever blown wide open. And I have known that said time would be around late August/early September of this year. Everything I’ve been doing and experiencing in this lifetime has been leading up to this moment in time.

One way I’ve chosen to continue prepping myself for this deliverance is by tapping into the frequencies of one of the most potent days of the year, August 8 (aka The Lion’s Gate Harmonic Alignment).

“The 8th of  August is the high point in what is known as the “Lion’s Gate”. This portal opens between 26th July and 12th August 2015 whilst the Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo the Lion. During this time, waves from Galactic Centre bathe the Earth with light keys and codes to assist in the evolution of the planet for the next cycle.” [source]

“8 represents the power of abundance – which slides easily into greed when our priorities are misplaced. 8 gives us the power of appreciation, enabling us to hold on to happiness wherever possible, so that it is not extracted completely. You cannot fake happiness, but it is important to keep it alive by appreciating what does make you happy, even if it’s only a memory. 8 helps us appreciate the VALUE of what we’ve already got, instead of always wanting more!” [source]

You see, 2015 is an 8 year for the entire world (2+0+1+5=8). It is also my personal year [1 (month of birth)+8 (day of birth)+8 (sum of 2015)], which means the effects of the global year are doubled for me. This also means that I will really feel the energies of the Lion’s Gate because the frequency of 8 is playing out so intensely for me this year.

With all things in the cosmos, I can choose to either play in the lower octaves of this frequency and experience lack, powerlessness, discontent, dissatisfaction, and the like (been there, done that), or I can choose to play in the higher octaves and experience abundance, power, balance, and infinite blessings (taking on beliefs that serve a higher purpose). With all the work I’ve been doing, I continue to move further UP the scale!

The Lion’s Gate began opening on the 21st, and here’s what I’ve done to help me really tap into the higher octaves of the 8 frequency.

On several Post-It® notes, I wrote, in green marker, the number, 888. I then placed a note anywhere I wanted to enhance my experience of its energy. I placed one on the wall I face when I work (to attract ideal clients and opportunities); I placed one on each mirror in my home (to magnetize more self-love and personal power); I placed one inside my fridge (to increase the abundance of organic food my son and I enjoy); I placed one on my son’s desk (to increase his personal power); and I placed one on my TV stand (to grab my attention between Netflix binge sessions).

I invite you to use the energies of the Blue Moon and the Lion’s Gate to help you attract more of what you want to experience in this moment.

Invocation to the 8:8 Lion’s Gateway

As I align with my Higher Light, my Mighty I Am Presence,
and Mother/Father God,
I now call forth the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light,
the Great White Lodge within the etheric of Sirius, and the Order of Melchizedek.

I now request to be taken into the Ascension Seat in the King’s Chamber,
and to re-experience my initiations of Light from ancient Egypt and Atlantis,
through the Cosmic ray of Galactic Service and the Language of Light
through the Beings of Light from On High,
assisting in these initiations of Light.

As I enter into this Ascension Seat through an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light
I am placed in an Initiations Chamber of Light,
lfting me into the Left Eye of Horus through Divine Love,
and now into the Right Eye of Horus, through the Language of Light, sacred geometry, hieroglyphics and the understanding of my immortal nature as this sacred Master Being of Light,
and now through the Middle Eye of Horus, bringing through an alignment of Light from the Galactic Center,
and the Cosmic ray of Galactic Service.

The dormant DNA is now activated to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow,
as I receive these downloads of Light from the etheric of Sirius,
and through the portal of Light found with the right paw of the Sphinx,
holding the Records of Light for all Life on this Earth plane.

I now merge with my Mighty I Am Presence,
taking on these crystalline encodings of Light
through Seraphis Bey’s Ascension Retreat in Luxor,
and experiencing the sixth initiation, the Initiation of Resurrection,
through the Overlighting of Order of Melchizedek
and the Temple of the Ascension Flame.

As the chakras merge in One Unified Column of Light,
I experience my physical ascension,
taking on these master codes of the I AM Avatar blueprint
becoming that which I have forever been,
my Mighty I Am Presence.

I now assist in activating these key codes of Light
through the Unity Grid of Light,
allowing the experience of the merging with their Higher Self and Mighty I Am Presence to be experienced for all Life by 2012.

I Am an Initiate of Light,
I Am a Keeper of Light,
I Am an Ambassador of Light,
I Am an Immortal Being of Light,
I Am all that I Am.

[Post published at 12:48pm Pacific during the hour of the Sun. Angel number meaning of 1248: “The angels are helping you stay strong and with a positive outlook. Call upon the angels for help with ideas, direction, and courage to work towards this aim.  Financial abundance is coming to you now.”]

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