December 29, 2015

Out with The Old

Whatever came up in 2008 will be complete for you in 2016… if you allow it.

In 2008, a lot of old energies came forward.

I was in a relationship that I did not want to be in, and I was there for all the wrong reasons.

Along with other things, life began taking its toll on me.

Although, that relationship thankfully did not last, other mirrors began entering my life.

They would reflect all of the unworthiness, undeservedness, and unloving emotions I harbored inside.

All of the ugliness was right there, in my face, for me to deal.

These mirrors would continue to shine until the Fall of this year.

Through all of the experiences that showed up, I really got to see what I had been allowing into my life; how little I thought of myself; and how often I had given my power away.

2015 was definitely a year of illumination for me. Although, its energy was 8, I was not blessed financially.

My blessings came in other forms.

They came in the form of people… people who did not respect me or my work, and who went through life taking advantage of it.

Now, I am fully cognizant that these “people” are actually characters of my creation. I am cognizant that I am the one who put them in place to play certain roles in order for me to see my Truth.

A lot of the reflecting sucked ass in a big way! HOWEVER, I truly am grateful for all of it.

In only a few days, we will enter the new year that globally will carry the energy of 9; the energy of completion.

Globally, we will all be faced with the task of finishing up anything that came up for us in 2008. We will energetically be supported in releasing everything that no longer serves us in order to Be spiritual master in physical form in 2016.


What will you release in 2016?

It is my fervent wish that it lovingly brings you strength, courage, and wisdom!

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