October 28, 2008

Paving the Way for Autism Education!

I’m tired.  It feels like I’m getting blisters from all the walking I’ve been doing tonight.  It also seems like I stumbled upon a theme with tonight’s posts.

With so many children being diagnosed with autism each day, how can we expect the public school systems to keep up with the demand for autism classes?

How can we expect them to keep up when there aren’t enough special education teachers to go around?

Some of us have taken matters into our own hands and have taken to homeschooling our children.  But what about those parents who don’t or can’t homeschool their children?  What are they to do?

What happens to their children?

I feel a song coming on…

“New York, New York.  So good, they named it twice.”

I love New York.

New Yorkers aren’t shy people.  They’re risk-takers… and they don’t take no mess from nobody!

So, it came as no surprise when I read that a New York couple saw that our children needed help, and they stepped up to the plate to offer it.

NY1‘s Health & Fitness Expert, Kafi Drexel, reported,

The New York Center for Autism is the brain-child of Harry and Laura Slatkin, a couple already known for creating popular home fragrances for chains like Bath and Body Works.  The influential New Yorkers are now becoming just as well-known for their work in autism advocacy.

“My son David was diagnosed with autism at 18 months and as he got older we started looking around for schools,” said NYCA Founder Harry Slatkin. “We live in Manhattan. And we realized there were really no places to send David. At the time, there were 5,000 children in the public school system who had autism. Now, I believe it’s doubled. So the reason we opened our charter school is to be a model school for the public school system to follow.”

New York, New York.  A city so nice… they named it twice!

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