April 6, 2010

Preserving A Dying “Breed”

As I read story after story of people performing and supporting genetic testing to eradicate autism… prenatal style, I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach.

This continued intolerance of a community that only wants to love, be loved and accepted, seems to be at the forefront of possible extinction.

Why the fear? I’d like to think that being in the midst of centuries old civil unrest and living in communities where mass genocide at the hands of those who have overstepped their boundaries and have become power hungry to be a significantly worse “fate”.

What is so wrong with living in this world having different abilities, perspectives, and ideals? Isn’t this how life should be?

“First, do no harm”. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening at an alarming rate. The increase in vaccination requirements and the mass production of synthetic chemicals are overloading the delicate nature of our physical bodies; we weren’t designed to be abused in this way.

As a species, we are slowly killing ourselves. The wildlife conservation organizations are desperately fighting to save species from extinction, but I feel that, in some way, they are better off moving on. As a species, we have lost our compassion and empathy for ourselves and other life forms.

We no longer value the place where we live and that sustains our existence, so devaluing one another was inevitable.

Life is life, and I believe that all forms should be respected.

If you support eugenics research, do you really have the heart to look into the eyes of someone with autism and tell them, “I don’t like how you are, and I want the things that make you who you are… gone. This world is hard enough without people like you making it more challenging. How dare you!”?

Let’s hope not!

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