Discover how to quickly eliminate overwhelm in your business

If you’re a Spiritualpreneur—juggling everything on your own—

keep reading.

Peace & Blessings, divine one!

NOW is the time to heal your business woes and quantum leap your business into its next stage of evolution!

is this you?


You want to keep creating, but your current products and services aren’t attracting your ideal client.


Your best laid plans aren’t producing the results you know they should.


You’re feeling  overwhelmed— all the pieces keep getting scrambled— and managing your business now feels like a chore.


And I did mention that NOW is the perfect time for you to build, or scale, a thriving, soul-driven business that’s recession-proof?

hey you. I’m Adonya!

Namaste and may this time in your life find you in a space of receiving nothing short of Divine Blessings!

I’m the creative behind this site, and I’ve been supporting successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs since ’09.

Through the years, I’ve witnessed people trying to get where they want to be in their business by doing things the hard way.

But I get it.

I’ve attended courses and received materials that I never used.

Purchased books I never read.

Attended classes where the expert NEVER went into detail about the steps I needed to actually take to experience greater success.

I’ve been sucker punched more times than I can count and never got where I wanted to be.  I just kept falling down yet another rabbit hole—watching my business hit one struggle after another.

No more!

What I Know To Be True

Business solutions shouldn’t come from a Cracker Jack® box. And neither should the ‘expert’ you’ve trusted with growing your business—someone who prefers to regurgitate ‘strategies’ that were popular… in the 90s!

It’s time to “stop the insanity” and get your business back on track.

If this isn’t for you then I wish you every success.

But if you shouted a big, “HELL YEAH” then let’s go.

my services are for you only if you’re serious about your business and want a seasoned professional to help you bring the magic back!

Are you ready to say goodbye to that laundry list of never-ending To Do’s with complete-by-dates that are always expiring?

Together, we’ll create a strategy that works best for your target audience then  implement it.

Next stop? Scaling your business!

Ready to bid hasta la vista to that overactive mind that keeps you awake at night?

Finally, a virtual solution that offers the RIGHT support. Now, you can breath—and focus.

No more counting sheep, drinking warm milk, or driving your meditation audios insane.

Ease into the peace of knowing you can get back to only do work that brings you joy.

Ready to say no to flying solo—doing everything on your own—sending energy where it doesn’t belong?

Join an elite group of clientele receiving boutique services that are catered to their business needs.

no more raging over those pesky must-do's!

Imagine being fully supported.

What do you see?

Breathe into that vision.


On A Shoestring Virtual Business Management

Four powerful options created to keep you focused—and empowered—while upleveling your business!

Time-sensitive projects

Strategy & Implementation

Group-level support

OBM support (VIP Offer)

Whether you’re looking to launch your next big thing into the stratosphere, you need a full-time online business manager, or you’re having issues with your public messaging, I’ve got you covered.


“Adonya single-handedly managed the backend of my business, which gave me the creative space to build and expand it.

Her extensive operational knowledge also gave me the confidence to stay focused on the more JOYful parts of my business, like mentoring my private 1-on-1 clients.

I am very grateful for Adonya’s extensive business knowledge (especially for virtual and spiritual companies) and for her connected and collaborative Spirit.”

Sharon Wilson

Founder and CEO, Coaching from Spirit

“What would have taken me weeks to achieve, Adonya fixed in only a few hours. I appreciate how well-rounded her skills are and would highly recommend.”

Ned Kraft

CEO, Ned Kraft Consulting

Past Accomplishments

Annual profits over $1M in 5 months

Created and implemented new product strategies, which resulted in revenue exceeding $1M after one launch

425% Open Rate and 1,025% CTR increase in 2 months

Created email marketing campaigns that saw an Open Rate increase from 8% to 37% and Click-through-Rate increase from 4% to 45% in less than 2 months with a very cold list

200% more leads after redesign in 3 months

Executed full website redesign, which resulted in a lead upsurge of 200%

150% revenue increase in 5 months

Redesigned and implemented new SEO strategy to main website and saw revenue increase from $200k to nearly $500k in about 5 months;

35% Newsletter signup increase in 4 months

Spearheaded launch of monthly newsletter, which resulted in 35% increase of new subscribers in 4 months

30% User engagement gain

Landing page drop-offs reduced from 80% to 25% and a user-engagement gain of 30% after website redesign

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