November 4, 2008

It’s Raining… Autism?

Ok.  I wasn’t going to blog about this but there are too many “news reports” covering it, and I just can’t help myself.

If I’m understanding the reports correctly, the probability of my son getting autism was higher if he were living in a rainier climate before age 3?

Let’s flash back for a minute.

It was snowing the day he was born.  Snow is precipitation, right? It’s New England… in the winter time… and it keeps things pretty icky when it melts.

Not the same thing?  Ok, let’s try this again.

We did live in Maryland from age 1 to age 2, and it did seem to rain a lot during that year.  I wonder if that’s it?

You do see where I’m going with this, right folks?

Crazy, I know.

Looks like Washington is screwed.  And Oregon.  Maybe parts of Loo-zee-anna!  Basically, any place where it rains too much!


I’m so incredibly depressed now… folks are going to start heading to the mid-west now to run away from autism’s evil grasp on the rainy states/cities.


This is worse than the time Godzilla attacked Tokyo…

or the day the Earth stood still!!!

{screaming…. hair now in flames}

Sorry about that.  My mind is a wonderland… full of poo.  😉  I often have a hard time containing myself.  Forgive me.

Now, where where we?

Ah! Here we are.

USA TODAY’s Rita Rubin reported earlier today,

“If you look at the autism literature now, they’re much more open to an environmental trigger,” says lead author Michael Waldman, a Cornell University economist who says his son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at age 3 but has recovered and is now a normal third-grader.

He and his team studied children in California, Oregon and Washington state. They speculate that rain might act as a trigger in genetically susceptible children by carrying pollutants or by forcing indoor activity that leads to increased TV-watching, decreased vitamin D levels or increased exposure to household chemicals.

Naturally, the findings are being disputed.


Glad to hear Waldeman’s kid is “normal” now.  What a putz!


Yes, my son was living in California when he was diagnosed, but he didn’t stay indoors very often when it rained.  Why?  Because he liked to run around the yard, in his birthday suit, having an absolute blast!  Got the pictures to prove it.  {Can’t wait to show ’em to his 1st serious girlfriend.  tee hee}

Well, I will say this about the study… the spending-more-time-indoors part does make sense.  At least, to me it does.

During my AT&T (pre-SBC) days, I was fortunate to get a lateral position that allowed me to work from home.  I was 5 months prego at the time.

Being a single mom, my son stayed home with me. I was laid off in May of ’05 when he was almost 4.5 years old.

Plus, this was pre-holistic living days.  Meaning I cleaned with some pretty bad stuff, and I was a mixer.  You can mix Tilex with Comet scrubbing cleanser, right?  The fumes they produce can’t be harmful?  {I’m being facetious, folks.}

So, there is something to be said about a child who spends a lot of time indoors regardless of the weather, especially if they’re around a chemically-“enhanced” environment more often than not.

I’m very interested in reading this study.  Wonder where I can get a copy?

And folks?

Don’t go reserving your U-Hauls or Penske trucks.  That’s the last thing this world needs is more paranoid parents who are trying to “run away” from autism.

Maintain your sanity and… stay put.  😉

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