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February 19, 2022

Reclaiming Your Power from Negative Imprints

Stress and anxiety are uncomfortable enough, but they can become all the more stressful when you don’t even know why you’re stressed or anxious. But how can you find the source of your stress and negative emotions if you don’t even realize it exists? Negative imprints on your energy field are often the root cause of many types of negative feelings—that can show up in subtle ways that easily fly under the radar.

Here are 10 imprints that may be running rampant within your energetic field.

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Maybe you’ve heard of self-limiting beliefs, maybe you haven’t. Self-limiting beliefs are false beliefs about yourself, others and your circumstances that keep you stuck and often sabotage your success. Self-limiting beliefs have been around for ages; some of them you learned from your parents, teachers or friends but many of them stem from thoughts you learned as a child and continued to repeat as an adult.

No-Win Scenarios

Some of us have no-win scenarios imprinted on our field. These are situations or relationships that we’ve continually been put into, or that have left us feeling defeated at their conclusion. If you can remember a time when you felt like you had no choice but to be walked over, take your mind there now and write down what happened (even if it’s a sore memory). When was it? Who were you with? Where were you? How did they affect your energy field?

Fearing Change

A common reason we might avoid change is out of fear. We may be afraid of failing, disappointing others, or being judged for our shortcomings. Fear has a way of distorting your view on a situation and making you feel like no matter what course of action you take, there’s potential for failure. So what can you do to get around such a seemingly powerful feeling? Start by using it as fuel for success rather than something that holds you back from trying.

Lack of Action

People who fail to follow through and take action on their great ideas have their own unique brand of misery. They’re unhappy because they’re aware that they’re not doing what they really want to do, and they know they could be happy if only they took action. The way out of lack-of-action syndrome is to find your motivation and dive into your project or idea full steam ahead.

Expecting the Worst

Are you expecting the worst from people and situations? Before you answer, consider how much energy it takes to carry around those negative expectations. Do you feel like a victim of every mishap or disaster? If so, ask yourself if that’s really your natural state. If not, are you imagining what could go wrong? That makes you a pessimist – and one who is attracting negative situations to themself.

Personalizing Others’ Actions

When you find yourself angry or upset with someone, ask yourself if there is something about their action that you can also see as a positive. For example, when I used to work with an associate who took credit for my ideas, it was easy for me to be angry and resentful towards her—until I realized how much she pushed me to prove myself and stand up for myself. My actions were ultimately empowering; hers were infuriating! Can you identify both sides of a situation?

Not Asking For Help

To start off, a lot of people think that asking for help is a sign of weakness or a show of some sort of inferiority complex. That couldn’t be further from reality. If anything, it means you have humility.


When you compare yourself to others, it’s only natural to feel less than. No one has what you have, knows what you know, or can do what you can do. That’s why we call these experiences imprints of negative energy, because they cause our energy field to vibrate at a lower frequency—leading us to attract negative experiences into our lives and creating situations where we don’t perform as well as we could have otherwise.

Trying to Please Everyone

In order to avoid feeling hurt, most people take on a pleaser role. When you please others as your primary strategy for avoiding rejection, you’re not only pushing them away—you’re pushing yourself away from a fulfilling relationship with yourself.

Thinking You Are Useless/Unlovable

Many of us are taught by parents, teachers, friends and other influential people in our lives that we aren’t good enough. If a belief like that becomes deeply ingrained into your psyche it can create a negative imprint on your energy field. If you have negative imprints in your energy field, they can attract more situations to prove themselves right by making you feel useless or unlovable.

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