By nature, we are explorers, yet we are so much more than our bodies, which is why we must shed them in order to transition to the next level!

For many of us, this transition can bring about an immense amount of sadness and pain and fear. For others, it is often a cause of celebration for the life lived!

Regardless of what side you are on, whenever a soul transitions, it is not always the easiest event which to bear witness. It is not always easy watching someone take that “final” step.

However, it is always profoundly life-changing for everyone!

Through Soul Transition Assistance, I will be there with your loved one and you!

As an End of Life Doula (or Death Doula), I will create a sacred space for honoring your loved one as they move forward on their journey.  [I also have hospice experience.]

Together, we will experience the peace and immense gratitude as your loved one’s soul leaves their physical temple and returns to the nothingness, and everything-ness, of the Great Divine.

It is my deepest honor to be with you during this powerful process.

This service will always be by donation/love offering.

Please contact me today.

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