I used to subscribe to the whole “energy vampire” movement, so I get it. It is often easier to put blame on someone else for how we are feeling rather than take responsibility.

I now believe that whenever we feel drained in the presence of another, or by a situation, it is because we have chosen to disconnect from our Higher Selves.

And that person, or situation, is merely making that disconnect obvious to you… so thank them!

Here are 4 easy tips you can use to manage your energy every day

1. Black Tourmaline abhors disharmony and oftentimes, people operating at a lower frequency tend to feel really uncomfortable whenever they are in its presence.Therefore, place that shit EVERYWHERE!

If you wear bras, put a stone in one or both of your cups. If you do not, put some in your pockets or better yet, wear this stone as a pendant. It is not only protective; it is also a purifier.

2. Aegerine is another wonderfully protective stone. Like Smoky Quartz, it repels negative energy. Of all the black stones, I prefer this one as it seems to have an affinity for protecting women.

Carrying or wearing Aegerine can be an effective stop-gap measure for forcing the release of vampiric energies. [source]

3. Alleviate your fears by getting out of any relationship (professional or otherwise) past its expiration date. History tends to favor the bold, so grow some balls and create history your way!

4. Understand, and accept, that no one, and no thing, can steal your power or energy as it is your responsibility to manage it.  Therefore, make managing your energy a daily priority. In other words, make YOU a priority for when you do, the most amazing shifts will happen in your life.