September 6, 2018

Ridiculously Simple Manifesting Technique

YouTube has me shackled to it like a slave on a transatlantic trip to Hell.  (Yeah, I wrote it.)  Anyhoo.  The recommendations offered to me on that platform often make me pause, for I wonder “Why did that video show itself?”

Well, what has shown up is this 2-cup method for dimensional jumping into one’s desired reality.

Two Cups.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

How can something so simple get you what you desire with little to no effort?


Some uploaders and/or commenters have stated that their manifestations have manifested in mere days, while others have yet to experience any results.

Perhaps, the latter is desiring something that they hold no belief.  They are wanting something, and do not believe it could ever be possible for them.

Needless to say, I know the feeling.

Oftentimes, I want something because I think I do without ever having checked in to determine if that desire is what my Spirit wants.  Whenever something has not manifested, it is always because it was NOT for my highest good.  It was merely something my EGO wanted to see play out; something that always took a turn for the worse.

Back to the Two Cups.

I decided to give it a-go, and I got greedy AF. 😀

Now, as I sit here looking out the window of my home office, watching cars drive by, I now know that what I thought I desired is not a desire at all.  I was on another ego trip. Oy!

So, I have decided to do one better.  I have repurposed a Bacardi Rum bottle (feel free to judge ’cause that shit is LIFE), and here is what I am going to do with it.  Feel free to scroll down if you just want to get started with two cups.

  1. I will place my DESIRED REALITY on sticky notes and tape them around the bottle and under it.  Basically, cover it BAR.
  2. I will then fill it with water, and allow it to sit for at least 33 hours receiving as much sunlight as possible.  (I like the number.)
  3. For the next 13 days (ain’t no superstition over here), I will speak over the bottle. I am basically gonna treat it like it is a lover (with whom I actually want to spend time).
  4. On the 14th day, I will begin consuming the water.

Because I have invested more time in my jump, I will have already shifted prior to step 4.  Why? Because I will have been in the feeling space of my desired reality far longer than a few seconds or minutes.  Plus, I will have already begun to take action towards manifesting more of what was envisioned in said reality.

Again, if you want the fast food version, see below.


I will update this post once a month for the next three months ’cause I like the number 3. Geez.


Let me know how you fare.

May you “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” and choose to be the embodiment of your TRUE essence now!


Step 1: For cup number one, write what you do not want/desire on a sticky note. e.g. CURRENT REALITY: Fat, unhealthy, broke, unfulfilled, directionless.  Stick to cup.

Step 2: For cup number two, repeat step 1 by writing your desire. e.g. DESIRED REALITY: Fit, healthy, prosperous, fulfilled, purposeful

Step 3: Feel with every fiber of your being your current reality.  Let all that shit come to the surface.

Step 4: With MINDFULNESS, slowly pour the water into the desired reality. Really feel the water as it pours into it, and allow yourself to feel the shift as this occurs.

Step 5: SMILE! Yo a** just jumped dimensions.

Step 6: Slowly drink the desired reality into your body.

Step 7: In a safe environment, take the sticky notes, burn them, and send the ashes (once extinguished) into the YOUniverse.

Step 8: Wash the glasses, and live your day/night from your DESIRED reality.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

– Joel Barker –

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